It is not an easy task to choose a suitable gift, especially not if you still have in mind some traditions, customs, and rules that apply when giving gifts. Therefore, we present to you some of the gift-giving etiquette & rules you should know about.

Who Are You Buying A Gift For?

Many studies have confirmed that gift-giving makes us happy and that we enjoy buying gifts for loved ones. However, psychologists also discover that the choice of gift is very important –  and it sends a special message that reveals the intention and character of the person giving the gift. You will admit that most of us, when choosing gifts for holidays, weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries, often justify our choice of gifts for some reasons. “I think she really needs that” or “I’m sure she’ll like the gift because we both have similar tastes” – are some of the biggest misconceptions when choosing a gift for a person. We don’t even have to mention that gift-giving etiquette does not look kindly on such phenomena. Therefore, ask yourself: Who are you buying a gift for, yourself or someone else?

How Do Psychologists Evaluate People Who Choose Gifts?


Believe it or not, gift-giving etiquette has been an interesting topic for many – including psychologists who have been working on this in a little more detail. Although many gifts may be considered acceptable according to the rules of giving – each of them will reveal something about the character of the person who gives it. For example, people who have a high opinion of themselves, believe that they are the best in everything, the smartest, and know everything, but in essence, they are very insecure – they usually choose expensive gifts and thus express their power.

Egoistic people, when buying a gift, act as if they are choosing it for themselves. Otherwise, their character does not allow them to deal much with other people’s needs – because they are too focused on themselves. Those who are self-confident, energetic, and positive do not spend a lot of time choosing gifts – but they try to get to know their loved ones well and make a good choice. Romantics enjoy buying gifts the most. They always know what to buy for whom and how to surprise people around them.

Gift-Giving Tradition And Rules

We give gifts partly because we want to make people happy – and partly because tradition tells us to. Tradition also dictates that we should give gifts generously, receive them gratefully – and choose gifts of equal value to those we have received. According to experts, the gift is a sign of attention, dedication, and love. However, we can say that the best gift is the one that fulfills the needs of the person who receives it. However, etiquette provides us with certain rules from which we should not significantly deviate – so let’s take a look at what we should adhere to.

1.   Focus on the look, not the brand of the gift


When we want to make someone happy with a nice gift, especially when it comes to a significant occasion – we usually turn to expensive and branded gifts, thinking that they will be the most suitable. Normally, we want the gift to be elegant, classy, and unusual – but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be expensive perfume, a watch, a piece of jewelry, or a branded piece of clothing, to make a good impression and surprise the person you’re giving it to. According to Baskits, elegant decoration and well-matched colors can add sophistication to your gift – and if there is a possibility of personalization, such as writing a message – the effect will be even greater.

2.   Do not put a small gift in a large package

When someone receives a large wrapped package, they expect a large gift – so the initial expectation is too high, and the reaction of the person receiving the gift can never be a complete delight. The package should be big enough to easily fit the gift. Remember – it’s not the size that matters, it’s the content.

3.   Choose What You Know The Person Would Like To Get


You probably already know that yourself, but it happens that we don’t choose well. People buy gifts that are supposed to be a joke or to direct the recipient to something that will be good for him – but it often happens that he is not the happiest with the choice of friends. A direct question “What would you like me to buy you” is the best solution. That way, you will never make a mistake, and the person will be satisfied even though he knew in advance what he was going to get.

4.   The most original gifts are those you make yourself

If you are looking for an original gift, it will be best if it is something you have made yourself. Namely, the originality of a gift is guaranteed, precisely if it is something that can’t be found in stores. Of course, if creativity is not your bright side, you can always opt for something you know will please the person you are giving it to. However, if you love to create things, this can be a great way to show that you care. For example, you can make a piece of jewelry yourself, paint something yourself or put it together and decorate an album with your pictures together. A gift created with your hands will convey the emotions you have for the person you are giving it to – and the effort you put into the gift will be obvious.


Of course, the main rule is that every gift should be given from the heart and nicely wrapped. You should also keep in mind the occasion for which the gift is intended. Of course, when choosing a gift, you should always have in mind the person you’re gifting. Every positive feature of a gift will fail if the person does not like it. The gift should also have an emotional effect. That is why it is very important to think carefully about a person’s interests and character. What interests them, what aesthetics attract them – as well as whether there is something they might need, but haven’t yet been able to afford.