Gerri Willis is a very popular journalist and despite her over half a century age, she still looks very young and quite charming. Her appearance has remained very young and her fans have admired her ability to maintain her looks. Her appearance have raised eye brows and many individuals have beginning to start thinking that she may have indulge in plastic surgery procedures such as Botox injections and facelift with a possible eyelid surgery.

There is a possibility that the initial procedure that she undergone was the facelift procedure. This kind of procedure is mostly used to produce youthful appearance. And judging from her before and after photos, her appearance look a lot youthful with no signs of aging effects as sagging found on her looks.

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Facelift plastic surgery procedure is usually accompanied with Botox injections. Gerri Willis used Botox injections to enhance her appearance and it helped her eradicated all forms of wrinkles and frown lines found on her appearance. Her involvement in plastic surgery such as Botox injections and Facelift produced refined results and helped bring back her youthful looks.


gerri willis plastic surgery

Her involvement has left people thinking that it could be true or not. But she is yet to give any information about it. And if there ever be any atom of reality about the rumors surrounding her involvement in plastic surgery, then it gave her a remarkable result given that the procedures she underwent were not overused.

Aside from her facial looks that have improved, her eye area also looked free off eye bags and aging marks surrounding the eyes. The way she now looks has allowed her individuals to want to keep starring at the way she looks in a positive manner.

gerri willis facelift

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Very popular as an American TV journalist, Gerri Willis is already in her fifties and who would even think she has reached such an age when she still has the looks of twenty year old. She still looks very much attractive and beautiful and this has left a lot of viewers and fans wondering what her secret to having such a fresh and attractive appearance could be. Those thoughts and ideas gave birth to the Gerri Willis plastic surgery rumors.

It is also quite unfortunate that the fans and viewers only have to guess the possibility of Gerris Willis plastic surgery and this is due to the fact that the television journalist herself has not come out to deny or admit if any of these rumors are true. If speculations were made to be true then trust me when i say that results of Gerris Willis plastic surgery is very impressive as it wasn’t over done so she ended up looking quite young and attractive.

With all of the allegations going on around her, fans and viewers still would not get tired of having to look at Gerris Willis on television because she is absolutely beautiful regardless of the fact that she would still turn older from time to time.