Geena Davis Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Some celebrities are known for their glamour and sex appeal and others for their fabulous presence. Geena Davis surprisingly has it all. She is beautiful, natural and has numerous talents to back it up. Her youthful and energetic face remained intact until she passed 50s. This is when all the speculations and rumors started coming about her plastic surgery.

And, again Geena Davis being married to a plastic surgeon the rumors can’t simply go away. What we know is she is somehow turning hotter and hotter. And this fascinates us to reveal her beauty secret.


geena davis plastic surgery

As rumors about Davis get bigger and wilder, many fans and experts of plastic surgery come forward to tell their opinions. Lip injection rumors have surged a long way in the form of blogs and magazines. But is tough to believe that Geena Davis has made changes to her lips. She had perfect full sexy lips before which apparently keeps us in disagreement.

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Many celebrities take lip fillers to get luscious lips. Davis should to be grateful for her natural full sexy lips. Moving onto Botox injections and facelift, Geena Davis must have tried these to enhance her appearance. Even though lip injection can’t be proven, use of these definitely seems to be true.

She has no wrinkles on her face at the age of 57, which is not possible. The bef

ore and after photos are something to look into closely for knowing whether Geena Davis had plastic surgery on face. Having a husband who is a plastic surgeon must have easily given Geena Davis the key to get facial treatments.

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Even though rumors are spreading fast, Geena Davis have remained silent about her physical appearance. She has never publicly admitted that about the facial uplifts or other surgeries. As the time goes, we might be able to see more changes in her face.

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