Gary Shandling is mostly remembered for his acting and comedy prowess over the years and his appearance that has not remained like many people knew him to be have raised speculations about him undergoing plastic surgery. Indeed he underwent plastic surgery procedure and it didn’t really produce the much desired result he would have loved.

He underwent Botox injection which is a very common plastic surgery procedure for individuals that are hoping to stay younger even as they age and he tried in using the procedure to eradicate all forms of aging effects that include wrinkles and other forms like lines located on the facial area.

All endeavors about using Botox injections were overdone and it left his appearance looking very unrealistic and unreal. This results have drawn attentions of plastic surgeons and according to Dr Paul Nassif he admit to the fact that his facial appearance look Botox like. Such results of plastic surgery can be achieved with the help of retouching before and after, try this.

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gary shandling plastic surgery

The star also used neck lift plastic surgery procedures to help him eradicate such aging effects as wrinkles and sagging located on his neck area. It is still unheard of according to many that a man of his reputation would want to undergo a neck lift plastic surgery procedure.

Also he followed in the foot step of mostly female celebrities who try to reduce the amount of fats located on their appearance. The liposuction that he underwent was aimed at his chin to help removed unwanted fatty materials in that area. The change really did enough in his appearance and made him look different.

His plastic surgery still lingers in the thought of many given that all went well apart from the overdone Botox injection that drew criticism from several people.

gary shandling facelift

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Gary Shandling seemed to understand that one way to provoke the audience to laugh at his jokes was to for him to be able to display the right facial expression. For this reason alone, the entire public criticized him for going under the knife simply because just like every other celebrity who has been under the knife, was done just for the aim of looking younger and delaying the signs of aging.

When faced with questions about this criticism, Gary Shandling looked away from all of these allegations and the rumors that Gary Shandling plastic surgery was overdone is one that plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer agreed on. Dr David Shafer revealed that whoever did the job made a huge mess of things as Gary’s face looked well toned and smooth but his neck didn’t match with the rest of his face.

Dr Paul Nassif who is also another reputable plastic surgeon also concurred with Dr David Shafer’s statement and added that Gary Shandling dermal injection was overdone. He added that he must have used injections like Juvederm, Botox or Restylane. It is quite difficult to put together what really happened to Gary Shandling’s face but we would love to know what you think.

Do you think the procedures made him look foolish or weird