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Fred Norris is of American nationality and has a calculated net worth of about $ 16million with a yearly income of $6 million. He was given birth to with the original identity as Fred Leo Nukis but in the year 1993 he changed his name to Fred Norris and was brought up by Latvian immigrants in the city of Manchester Connecticut.

His growing up as a child had its ups and down given the fact that his father was an alcoholic and it resulted in him staying away from home. However the marriage between his mother and Norris gave rise to a new hope and he was properly treated. In the year 1979 he enrolled for working night shifts even while still in college. He worked at the WCCC radio based station and that how he and Howard Stern met each other.

fred norris career

Norris was a part of the “The Howard Stern show” and has been ever since its induction. He (Norris) career started after following Stern to “Shock jock” in Washington. His jokes and every other skill such as sound effects have seen him become very popular.

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fred norris net worth


  • American

Date of Birth

  • 9th July 1955

Place of Birth

  • Willimantic, CT


  • 65


  • Radio personality



  • 189 cm


  • Allison Furman

Net Worth

  • $16 million

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