Marijuana can be extremely beneficial for people, especially the ones that are suffering from conditions and illnesses such as migraines, chronic pain & inflammation, and it can also help people dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. However, what happens if you need to pass a drug test at work?

Well, then you should choose to flush marijuana out of your system. If you are wondering what cleansing methods you can try, the article below might help you. Let’s take a closer look at the list of 10 ways that you can cleanse your body from marijuana and successfully pass a drug test:

1. First Things First – Stop Consuming it


Although this might seem too obvious, it is still worth mentioning – the first thing you must do in order to pass your upcoming drug test is to stop consuming cannabis. Your goal is to cleanse your body of any THC residues, which you can do by stop using it. This will also ensure the likelihood of your passing the exam.

Depending on how often you consume it, as well as the strain you choose, you might need to stop taking it for a longer time. This is why it is important for you to always know what you are purchasing, as well as be careful about how much you are using – especially if your company does these exams frequently.

2. Consuming Water is Key


While on the topic of flushing your system, you should keep in mind that water is your most powerful tool. Naturally, drinking a lot of liquids is most effective for passing a urine test – and fortunately, that is the most common drug test performed in companies. In order to cleanse your body, ensure that you go to the bathroom as much as you can within a day or two before taking the test.

During the day of the test, you must keep hydrating yourself as well. However, you should not overdo it. If you take in too much liquid, it will be too obvious that you wanted to make your urine diluted, which might raise suspicion. Hence, try to find a perfect balance, at least during the day of the test.

3. Make Detox Beverages


If you get a bit tired of consuming water, you can try preparing detox beverages. Besides being tastier than water, if also work by flushing out or masking the THC present. There is a wide range of recipes that you can find online, and do not be surprised when you see detox beverages made from both fruits and vegetables.

4. Taking Supplements And Vitamins


There are various supplements and vitamins that can help you with passing the test. For instance, some herbal supplements such as cayenne and milk thistle can help you with detoxification. Additionally, zinc can also help you pass the test since it is believed that it can mask the presence of cannabis in the urine.

If you opted for drinking a lot of H2O as well, you’ll definitely want to take Vitamin B as well. Why? Well, since your urine will be diluted, it will not be as yellow as it should be. However, taking vitamin B will make it yellow, hence, your results will not raise any suspicion.

5. Opt For a Kit Instead


You might get notified that you’ll have a drug test at work the next day, you might want to opt for a kit that will help you pass the test. Thankfully for all consumers, there are various online platforms such as that offer such packages, as well as for instructions on how to pass a urine drug test.

Keep in mind that such companies offer a wide range of products and kits, which is why you need to check exactly what kit is for what. You do not want to purchase a wrong kit the day you need to take the test, hence, read all of the descriptions carefully and thoroughly.

6. You Should Not Exercise


Exercising will break down the fat cells, which will then quickly release any THC that remained in your body. This is why you must not exercise one or two days before you take the exam. If you do not do this, the cannabis levels in your body will be elevated, which is something that you do not want to happen.

7. Book Yourself a Spa Day


Now, this is something that sounds completely crazy, but, booking yourself a spa day and sweating it out in the sauna might be the best method for cleansing your body. This is especially useful if you consume a lot of marijuana on a weekly level, and when you combine it with some of the other things on this list, you’ll definitely be able to pass the test.

8. Taking Cold And/Or Hot Showers


As mentioned earlier water is key. Alternating between cold and hot water while showering might be completely uncomfortable, however, it can help you quite a lot. Once you are in the tub, start with a 1-minute burst of hot water, and then shower with cold water for the next half a minute.

Besides helping you flush cannabis from your blood, you’ll actually feel energized and stimulating while showering with cold liquid, especially if you choose to do it in the afternoon or as soon as you wake up. Ensure that you end with a cold cycle, but, keep in mind that you should do it in a heated bathroom in order for your body to warm up later on.

Bonus Tip – Consume a Lot of Fruits And Vegetables


Correcting your lifestyle and diet is also advisable, especially since it can help you with detoxing. For instance, you can eat a lot of garlic, onions, green veggies – such as kale and broccoli – as well as fruits such as apples and bananas. By doing so, you’ll not only cleanse yourself but, you can ensure that you are healthy as well.


As you can see, there is actually a wide range of things that you can try in order to flush THC from your body. Of course, you do not have to do everything mentioned in the list above, instead, you can determine what might be suitable for you and start cleansing your body as soon as you can!