Vodka has long been a popular spirit in Singapore, and for a good reason. It is an incredibly versatile and refreshing drink, making it the perfect addition to any occasion.

It can be sipped on its own or added to a variety of cocktails and other drinks. It is also a great way to explore the different flavors that different varieties of vodka can offer.

In this blog post, we will be exploring the world of vodka in Singapore – from where you can find it to the different varieties that are available. So if you are looking to explore the world of vodka in Singapore, this blog post is the perfect starting point!

Popular Vodka Brands in Singapore


Singapore is known for its vibrant nightlife and has become a hotspot for a variety of alcoholic beverages, including vodka. Vodka is a popular drink of choice among Singaporeans, and there are many different brands to choose from. Some of the most popular vodka brands in Singapore include Absolut, Smirnoff, Belvedere, Ciroc, Grey Goose, and Stolichnaya.

Different Types of Vodka


Vodka is a versatile drink that is widely enjoyed in Singapore. It is a popular option for any occasion and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed in with a variety of cocktails. It comes in a variety of flavors and styles, so there is sure to be something that appeals to every palate.

Classic vodka is the most common type of vodka available in Singapore. It is made from grain, potatoes, or other starches and is usually clear and flavorless.

The most popular brands in Singapore include Smirnoff, Absolut, Grey Goose, and Belvedere. These brands are available in both plain and flavored varieties, allowing you to choose the perfect vodka for your needs.

Flavored Vodka


Vodka is a popular beverage in Singapore due to its versatility and wide range of flavors. From sweet fruits to savory spices, vodka in Singapore can be enjoyed with a variety of mixers and served in a variety of ways.

Flavored vodka is a popular choice for those looking for a more exotic twist to their drinks. Popular flavors include lemon, peach, raspberry, and mango, with more unusual flavors such as cucumber and wasabi also gaining in popularity.

Vodka can be served neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails, giving you plenty of options to explore and discover new favorite drinks. With so many flavors to choose from, there’s something to suit every taste and occasion in Singapore.

Popular Vodka Cocktails


Vodka is a popular spirit enjoyed in Singapore and around the world. From traditional martinis and Moscow Mules to creative concoctions, vodka is an incredibly versatile base liquor that pairs well with a variety of ingredients to make delicious cocktails.

The range of vodka cocktails available in Singapore is vast, and there are some truly delicious and creative concoctions to be enjoyed. Popular cocktails include the classic Espresso Martini, a vodka-coffee combination that is sure to give you a pick-me-up; the Moscow Mule, a vodka, lime, and ginger beer combination that is light and refreshing; and the Vodka Tonic, a classic combination of vodka and tonic water.

Where to Find The Best Vodka in Singapore


The nightlife in Singapore is vibrant and exciting, and it goes hand in hand with the consumption of quality spirits. Vodka, in particular, is a popular choice among nightlife enthusiasts, and if you’re looking for the best places to find the best vodka in Singapore, you’re in luck!

There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and retailers around the city that offer a variety of top-shelf vodka brands that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a classic vodka martini or just a straight shot of the good stuff, you can find what you’re looking for in Singapore.