Renting a vehicle in the United Kingdom for the first time? Don’t worry, we prepared a list of useful tips to make your car hire easy!

1. Check if You Are Allowed to Rent a Car

If you don’t want to get into possible troubles with the law, you should be of the appropriate age. In the United Kingdom, various companies have different requirements regarding the age of the driver. The majority provides car rental for the drivers of the age of 21 minimum. There are also companies that allow you to hire a vehicle from the age of 18. Speaking of the maximum age, it differs depending on the company. It’s usually between 70 and 80 years.

There are also some restrictions connected with car categories. Under 25 drivers are allowed to drive:

  • Mini
  • Compact
  • Economy
  • Intermediate
  • Standard

For example, if you book a 9 seater car hire, make sure that you choose the right category.

2. Select the Car That Suits You


Always mind not only the price, but also the general facilities that you want to have in your hired car. It can be the interior space of the vehicle, the size of the boot, or the number of seats available. The other moment you need to consider is whether you want an automatic or manual automobile.

Thanks to, there is always a great variety of vehicles to choose from. For example, if you need to take your family or friends to a day trip, you might need a 9 seater minibus hire. This option is great if you have to take a lot of luggage with you.

3. Choose the Right Time to Hire a Car

Mind the seasons while thinking about car hire. This is an important tip, especially when renting during the summer period. It helps you to avoid high prices that are based on the rental demand.

Sometimes it might be too late to rent a vehicle, if there are some events or holidays coming. If you want to avoid further disappointment, rent your vehicle beforehand. One of the best ways is to book your car rental at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Some companies also provide discounts for those who are going to hire a car beforehand.

4. Plan Your Route


Plan your trip wisely to avoid wasting time during your trip. Make up a list of places where you’re going to go by car, check the maps and choose which roads to use. Calculate the total amount of time that your trip will take.

5. Do Not Give Up on Insurance

Everything might happen on the road. Insurance helps you avoid further problems in case some issue occurs. The majority of companies add insurance to the price. The cost can include:

  • collision damage waiver (CDW)
  • excess waiver insurance
  • third party liability (TPL)
  • airport taxes,
  • local VAT

Read the agreement properly to see clearly what is included in the price of your car. You can additionally pay for such options like super insurance, child seats, co-driver, roof rack and GPS navigator. For example, you want a self-drive 9-seater minibus hire, but you need to take a baby with you. In this case, you can add a child seat to the price and not be afraid of their safety.

6. Prepare All the Documents Beforehand


Car rental is impossible without the necessary documents. One of the first requirements is to have a valid ID card and a driving licence. If you are a foreigner, The International Driving Permit might be needed. In certain cases, you can provide a certified translation of your licence. The majority of companies also require a credit card in the driver’s name. If you are still unsure about the documents, you can always clarify the information on the website where you book. There is always a special section “About us” or “Contact us”, where all the necessary requirements are provided.

7. Choose a Suitable Fuel Policy, Remember About the Refills

When choosing a car, pay attention to the information about the petrol. If you look at the rental offers, you will find that most of them are provided with full to full or same to same fuel policy. The first one means that you need to return the hired car with a full boot of petrol. The other one means that you must give back the vehicle with a designated amount of fuel.

While planning the route, think about the best spots where you can refuel your car. Your trip plan must have a number of places which you can reach from every destination of your route. Take into consideration the time that you might need to reach a refill.

8. Think Over the Pickup Places


This tip is mostly connected to your time management and your personal needs. When you have worked out a suitable route, think about the place where you will pick up your rental car. Mind the accessibility of the place where you’re going to start driving. It’s a good idea to pick your car at the time when it’s less crowded.
Still, there are two popular places, where people usually receive their car: the airport and train station areas. These options are good if you need to drive straight after your arrival in the city. Remember, that the majority of companies are closed on Sundays and provide car rental only near the airport areas on this day.

Be careful with your car
One of the most important tips in this list. Drive calmly and do not violate the rules in order to avoid fines and dangerous situations. Think about your luggage. If you leave valuables in a rental car, there is always a potential risk that the car will be opened and things stolen. Make sure to bring all the essential documents with you.

9. Avoid Violating the Rules


Here is the list of the occasions that you must know about with a fine amount:

  • Improper parking – up to £1000;
  • Speeding – £100;
  • Driving on a lane allocated for public transport at the wrong time – 80 GBP
  • Seat belt offense – up to £500;
  • A convenient restraint must be used for all the children 135 cm tall. £60 for violating;
  • Holding a mobile phone while driving – up to £1000;
  • Drink-driving – up to £2,500. Imprisonment for 3 months is possible.
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