Spinning is a very popular choice for people looking to improve their cardiovascular health. It is a form of exercise with a special focus on strength, endurance, intervals, and recovery. It uses a specially built stationary bike that has a weighted flywheel and friction resistance offering a similar experience to that of a road bike. Online Cycling bikes and online cycling applications like the Vingo app have risen in popularity massively during this pandemic period. They are an incredible way of reaping cardio benefits in the comfort of your own home.

What to expect from Classes:


Indoor cycling classes also known as Spin Classes offer many benefits other than just a slimmer physique. These offer physical and mental health benefits, for either gender. In the pandemic, these classes have taken an online form. Online Cycling Classes are available through various platforms and have a large online community. All Fitness levels are welcome to participate in Indoor cycling. These classes include all calibers of riders from experts to beginners and the only requirement is to have a little determination. Spinning classes are led by an instructor, accompanied by heavy rock or dance music to motivate the participants. The instructor guides the participants through a planned session (subject to variability according to your energy levels on the day).

The classes last around 30-75 mins and begin with a steady warm-up to get the blood moving. The majority of the class includes sprints, climbing, trials, hill climbs, and descents. Every spin ride is going to be different, you may be climbing a hill or descending to the finish line and the change-up is frequent. On average you’ll be burning 400-600 calories in an hour, which is impressive, to say the least.

What to expect from the community:


Various Indoor cycling applications e.g Vingo make indoor cycling a social event. It blends the fun of video games with the intensity of a serious workout that helps you get faster while keeping training fun. You get to create your own avatar and invite people to race you or participate in various different types of races created by other people. You take the form of your avatar and blast your fellow racers. All this is set in a VR type environment with features like voice and video chat, that enable people to interact with each other (there may be some amount of trash talking)

Users can also enjoy cycling in an open-world type area that simulates a location chosen by the user. E.g streets of LA or an active volcano at some remote island. This makes the workout less boring and more fun as users get to travel and experience new locations while staying in the comforts of their homes. These apps also collect and analyze ride data, i.e Ride length, average speed, distance covered, etc, and give a percentage score to ride to measure their growth over time. It also suggests workout plans that focus on improving the rider by working out the weaknesses.

Chances are, most individuals won’t ever NEED to work out and cycle inside their homes if their climate allows for it. However, in case there are 3 feet of snow or it’s so hot that you start sweating like a pig the moment you venture outside, your choices are restricted, and indoor cycling may be a better option in such a case. Online Cycling Apps like Vingo, can make the experience more thrilling, and exciting and may even increase the competitive spirit within the community members. These VR environments can make the workout a much more enjoyable experience.

Why do people enjoy this activity? Top 5 pros

1. You don’t depend on the weather


No reason to worry about a thunderstorm, wind, or snow. You are completely on your own, enjoying a fun run or cycle at your preferred temperature. You don’t have to leave your home either, which means that you can take control of your own hands and go for a run every day, no more excuses!

2. No space for injuries


There is no space for injuries when it comes to indoor or at-home workouts (literally). When outdoor we can run into rough terrain, firm ground, and uneven track. If you suffer from shin splints, outdoor running could actually be quite painful. At home, you don’t have to worry about any sudden trips or falls and you will feel a lot safer as well.

3. Accurate data


Running or working out on a machine allows the most accurate recording of your performance. When working out, you get all the right info on your heart rate, metrics, as well as the number of calories that you have burned. Those who like to keep ”track” of their progress will appreciate this feature right here! This is the most accurate and best way for you to lose weight, while also being the safest.

4. Full control


Running the same outdoor route every day can be limiting. You can’t explore as much since your place of living might be located in an urban area, making your activity harder to fulfill. This way, you can put in your headphones, turn on your favorite show and completely disconnect from the world! You can listen to your most kickass jam or even catch up with your favorite sitcom, the choice is up to you!

Since you don’t need to be prepared for inclement weather, you won’t need outdoor running gear like pants and jackets. If you still would like a nice running jacket, visit here to browse quality running jackets.

5. Distract your mind


Running on a treadmill or doing a bit of cycling can be an amazing stress-relief tactic. Before you know it you will be done with several miles of physical activity! A lot of o men and women tend to enjoy this activity since it is so relaxing. Get into your zen mode and forget about any obligations, issues, or deadlines. Be one with your body, and your body will be grateful.

Ready to workout?

Make sure that you take care of yourself and your body as of today! Apply these tips and tricks and see how it changes your life, health, and everyday habits.