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Ethan Hawke was given birth to in the year 1970 in the city of Texas (precisely Austin). While he was growing, he lived in New York and New Jersey and featured in school productions. Ethan Hawke was once a student of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh while he was in college, but couldn’t finish up after featuring in a movie “Dead Poets Society” that ultimately improved his reputation.

The one time actor and writer Academy Award nominee has as well been nominated for Tony Award. Ethan Hawke has shown great skill not only in acting but also as a writer, director and also an author. He is the writer of both novels (The hottest state and Ash Wednesday). Ethan Hawke has featured in over fifty movies, featured on stage productions, directed different films and Off-Broadway plays as well.

ethan hawke bio

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His overall involvement with the entertainment industry has ultimately led to his estimated net worth of about $ 45 million. Ethan Hawke is the father of two children with his ex-wife and fellow actress Uma Thurman.


ethan hawke net worth


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 6th November 1970

Place of Birth

  • Austin, TX


  • 49


  • Actor


  • 77 kg


  • 179 cm


  • Uma Thurman (Divorced 2005)
  • Ryan Hawke (married. 2008)

Net Worth

  • $45 million

ethan hawke career

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