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Whether you are moving into a new home or upgrading your existing kitchen, having the proper equipment for home kitchen use ensures that you have everything you need to prepare and cook great-tasting food for yourself or your friends and family to enjoy. When shopping for equipment for home kitchen applications, anticipate your needs. If you’re not sure what to get, here is a checklist that can get you started.

Cooking essentials

Gas range

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A gas range pretty much covers all the basic cooking needs you will have at home. Today’s gas ranges come with different top configurations so that you can get what you will need. There are open burner tops or a set of burners with a hotplate and a wok burner. There are also ranges with induction cooktops. The oven at the base can be a standard oven or a convection oven. Most of the time, a rotisserie function is thrown in there for roasting. An oven also sometimes comes with a grill time function. Most brands have a built-in configuration for gas ranges as well so it will tie well with the design of your kitchen interior. 

Kitchen ventilation hood

To keep your home kitchen clean and free of grease and odors, you will require an exhaust hood to expel the fumes, airborne grease, smoke, and heat that comes from the cooked food. Installed above your stove or gas range, a kitchen hood just makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. 

To find the right one for you, check the CFM or cubic feet of air per minute that a hood can move. The general rule is to have 100 CFM available for every 12″ width of the stove or range. This means that if you have a 36″ stove, then you will need a 300 CFM kitchen hood.

Food storage


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As you may have guessed, no list of equipment for home kitchen applications will be complete without a refrigerator and freezer combination. There are a lot of configurations that you can choose from as manufacturers are integrating cool and useful features. Traditional refrigerators have two doors–one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. Now, there are side-by-side so that you can only open one section of the refrigerator or freezer, which is great for minimizing energy bills. There are refrigerator units that come with external water and ice dispenser or a built-in coffee maker. There are even designs with drawer storage to maximize the space and make for easy organization of your supply. The refrigerator section is placed at the top half of the unit so that the majority of the foods you will need frequently are at eye-level and easily accessible.

For healthier cooking

Air fryer

If eating healthily is proving difficult for you, tweak your list of equipment for home kitchen applications to include appliances fit for your healthy lifestyle. One such appliance is an air fryer. While frying foods can be handled by a stovetop with the right cookware, you might want to consider an air fryer as a healthy way to incorporate fried foods to your diet. An air fryer requires significantly less oil than standard frying methods. By moving hot air around the food, the air fryer evenly cooks proteins or potato chips. The result is a crunchy or crispy food on the outside and juicy on the inside. There are air fryers with larger capacities so that you can cook a larger meal if you have friends or relatives over.

Steam cooker

Another piece of equipment for home kitchen implementation is the mighty steam cooker, which is a great way to fully preserve all the nutrients and flavors in your foods. By steam cooking your lunch or dinner, you won’t need to apply additional oil to cook the food. The steamer will even remove the fat from the meat you are cooking. There are electric steam cookers that make steaming effortless. They have multiple tiers so you can steam your entire lunch or dinner all at once. 

Slow cooker

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A list of equipment for home kitchen use won’t be complete without a slow cooker. This highly versatile appliance works by cooking the food at low temperatures for a longer period of time. With a slow cooker, you can get your dinner ready while working on other stuff. This is a great way to improve the quality of less expensive cuts of protein, making them more flavorful. You can cook a wide range of foods on a slow cooker–soups, stews, and casseroles are just some of them.


If you don’t have time to wash your dishes manually, you can always buy a dishwasher that will do the job for you. There are several types of dishwashers you can choose from. Depending on the available space in your kitchen, you can go with a countertop dishwasher or a built-in dishwasher.If you want an extra level of dishware sanitation, there are also dish sanitizers that you can buy so that your dishes and cutlery are free of bacteria. 

Small equipment essentials

A major factor in finding the proper equipment for home kitchen use is that it is able to support your daily routine. If you need a quick cup of joe in the morning to start the day fresh, a coffee maker will offer that convenience you need.  If you like a crispy slice of bread to go with your coffee, a bread toaster definitely has a place on your kitchen countertop. However, if you’re more of a fruit or vegetable juice kind of person, then you might want to go with a slow juicer or a turbo juicer.

If you drink a lot of hot tea, hot chocolate or eat a lot of hot soups, an electric kettle will do wonders for you. An electric kettle allows you to have hot water on top. There are even cordless designs that allow you to take the unit anywhere, which is perfect for serving guests.

Microwave oven

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While as a household item, a microwave oven is often relegated to reheating leftovers, this piece of equipment for home kitchen use actually boasts a slew more tricks up its proverbial sleeves. Some recipes can be cooked from scratch in a microwave oven, but you can also use it for simmering or steaming as well as boiling. It is also great for defrosting frozen food. 

Food processor

A food processor provides a lot of value to your home kitchen by helping you prepare a large portion or a whole piece of ingredient in a snap. Whether you need to chop nuts, grate hard cheese, mince parsley, dice onions, or knead some dough, a food processor will be of help. A food processor comes with a set of accessories to handle common food prep functions. Since it has multiple settings, you can easily prepare the ingredients the way you want them.


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If you make a lot of smoothies or dips, a blender will be a very handy piece of equipment for home kitchen use. You can get vacuum blenders that work by sucking the oxygen from the jar. This helps preserve the nutrients in the ingredients you blend and ultimately produces a much smoother mixture with virtually no bubbles or air. 

Electric grill

Planning to do a lot of grilling? You may want to invest in an electric fill. Grilling tends to be healthier than pan-cooking. There are different types of grills that you can choose from. A panini grill is a must-have for sandwich fans. A griddle is excellent for whipping up burgers and breakfast foods like eggs, pancakes, and bacon.

Rice cooker

If you’re big on rice, having a dedicated rice cooker that performs the task at the push of a button will be a real asset to your home kitchen. There are rice cookers with small capacities so that it won’t take a lot of space but still fulfill your needs.

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