Eminem Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Eminem getting a plastic surgery is a surprise to a lot of people. Over the years his face has changed drastically and his new look is good. It is different from his old face, which was becoming dull over time. Eminem’s face is now stiff and even in texture. He is suspected to have Botox injections in his face. This is a popular treatment that is known to make a face smooth and stiff. His forehead is now looking like made of porcelain which obviously is a sign of plastic surgery.

Eminem wants to look youthful and young in his older years. Most rumors about his face is not because his plastic surgery changes instead are about the drugs he has taken to relieve stress and lose weight. Whatever may be the reason his face has got stiff like a 3d model. According to newspapers, magazines and reviews of people, Eminem has made cosmetic changes in the face. Based on different sources the changes that Eminem has done include facelift, Botox and fillers.

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eminem plastic surgery

This is not officially confirmed, but analysis of the photos clearly shows that Eminem has done surgery on his face. He is now looking about 10 years younger than he really is. Photos of Eminem show signs of Eyelid surgery. It is done to permanently reshape the eyelids.

The procedure involves removing excess skin tissue from the lower and upper eyelid to improve the appearance. Another treatment that Eminem has definitely gone for is facelift treatment, also called as Rhytidectomy is known to most Hollywood stars.

eminem facelift

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This technique is done to remove wrinkles on the face to make a person look youthful and younger. The skin tightening method involves removing the skin layer and re-draping it on the neck and face. Sometimes the skin is also draped on the ear and hairline.

Eminem also has signs of Browlift or Browplasty in his face. Wrinkles on the forehead are removed for creating a harmonious facial expression. Little bit of chin augmentation is also visible in the new Eminem’s pics.

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