Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Elsa Lafuente Medianu is a Spanish actress and model. She is now 43 years old. There has been many rumors coming about her plastic surgery. Many plastic surgery specialists have identified rhinoplasty changes along with other modifications on the face. The rumors started when the forums and internet began spreading before and after photos of her. Elsa Pataky has remained silent about this without giving any public statements. Did she really had a plastic surgery or the rumors are simply untrue? Let’s find out.

Elsa Pataky got a big break after acting as Elena in Fast 5 and Fast and Furious 6. After starring in these hit movies, she became popular in Hollywood. She was called for numerous photo shoots and car unveiling by top companies. But fans are speculating about the changes in her face and body. The before and after pictures of Elsa Pataky, show changes in her nose. It was blunt and big before but now has become slimmer and smaller in size.

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elsa pataky plastic surgery

Elsa Pataky is famous as an actress and is always a hot gossip in the celebrity world. Fans and media keenly observe her every move and publish in the magazines and tabloids. The plastic surgery treatments such as nose job and boob job are popular in Hollywood. Elsa Pataky should have observed other celebrities in Hollywood to decide about making changes in her face.

There are no signs of Botox or breast implants in Elsa Pataky’s body. But she might do additional changes to her body in coming years. She after the plastic surgery looks confident in her appearance.

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