Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery – The Perfect Transformation

The plastic surgery rumors of Elizabeth Berkley relate all the plastic surgery treatments to her body. The 40 year old is speculated to have taken boob job, Botox injections, nose job, facelift, micro dermabrasion, and even the dermal fillers. Elizabeth Berkley or Elizabeth Berkley Lauren is best known for her appearance as Jessie Spanio in the television series, Saved.

Many fans and media after her success in the Showbiz started making speculations about plastic surgery. Until now, Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery is kind of a mystery. If you really want to know whether Elizabeth Berkley had plastic surgery then you need to look at the before and after photos. This is what we will be doing in the next section. We will check out what is true in all the rumors about Elizabeth Berkley through the years.

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elizabeth berkley plastic surgery

Elizabeth Berkeley is very silent on her twitter and other interviews when asked about the plastic surgery. She thinks that telling people about her facial changes would reduce attention towards her. Well the truth is out. She is too amazing and we know the secret of it. Before and after photos are the perfect valid proofs for seeing the plastic surgery changes. The most easily identifiable change on Elizabeth’s face is her nose.

She has taken Rhinoplasty treatments. The latest photos of Elizabeth Berkley show a slimmer and thinner nose than before. Also, the size of nose has decreased. This inconsistency proves the claims of Elizabeth Berkeley nose job. Next going down, her breasts look tighter now. The size looks more or less same, but they are definitely toned and plush. It could be she used Botox injections on her breasts.

Also, there are signs of facial fillers as her skin now looks fresh and healthy.  The rumors of breast implants about Elizabeth are not true. There is no significant change in the size of her breasts.

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elizabeth berkley transformation

Elizabeth Berkley gained her fame when she played Jessie Spano in Saved By The Bell and even when she stepped into her forties with a youthful and attractive look, many fans raised rumors that she must have been under the knife. Elizabeth Berkley hasn’t come out to deny or affirm these speculations concerning her ever being under the knife then it would be very amazing to believe that she hasn’t done anything to maintain her beauty.

Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery could also involve having breast augmentation according to some fans and Doctor Sherrell Austin after comparing some of her past and recent photos disclosed that it might be a little bit hard to admit if the actress has actually had breast implants or not. Although we cannot take away the fact that Elizabeth’s breasts look much larger and bigger now but still, they kind of look very natural.

The doctor suggested that the breast increase might have been possible after she gave birth to her only son. Here is something you should know and that is Elizabeth Berkley is a beautiful woman who is aging gradually. We cannot write off all of these speculations till she comes to address the issue if they are true or not.

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