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Do you want to earn free bitcoins? If yes, we have prepared this article to tell you some practical ways to get free digital coins without mining. Many people are now focusing on investing in this cryptocurrency as its value will increase in the future. But it is essential to know everything about them in detail to make the best choice. Some people want to first try them out without spending their money. If you also want to do the same, you can read this article.

Bitcoin is one of the most reliable cryptocurrencies in today’s world. Investors are interested in this type of digital currency because it is considered more profitable. Also, there are many advantages to investing in them. Nowadays, people have many options to start their trading journey and earn huge profits. You can click here if you are searching for a perfect platform to begin your journey.

It is also possible to gain free virtual coins through various methods. If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, you should go for free coins. You might be curious to learn how to get them. So, without further ado, let’s get into the same.

What are the ways to earn free bitcoins without the mining process?

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When it comes to gaining bitcoins without investment, people often get confused as there are many options. However, we can help you choose the best one by explaining every method in detail.

  • Accept bitcoins as a mode of payment:

Do you know that you can accept digital coins as payment? It is one of the most convenient methods to get them for free. If you have a business, you can quickly receive them without mining. All you have to do is follow these steps-

1. Download a free bitcoin wallet: The first step is to look for a free digital wallet. It will help you in doing various transactions. It is better to store your virtual coins in two or more e-wallets. Your bitcoins will be safe and secured.

2. Give QR-code and IP address to the sender: The second step is to provide QR-code and bitcoin address to the person sending you digital coins. Different wallets have different options regarding sending or receiving coins. Some wallets allow people to send or receive bitcoins quickly, while others have complicated processes.

3. Display the mode of payment: If you have a shop, you can display the mode of transactions you will accept from your customers.

  • Get digital coins from interest payments:

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It is another method to earn virtual currency. All you have to do is lend them out for some time. The following points will help you in understanding different ways to do the same-

1. Lend to a friend or an acquaintance: The best way is to lend your virtual coins to someone you know personally. Both the parties trust each other. So, there won’t be any problems with the same. You can finalize the interest rate as well as the duration.

2. Use lending platforms: You can also use bitcoin lending platforms such as Bitbond. Here, you can find many borrowers who will provide you the cryptocurrency. It is essential to verify the information of the individual because you might get scammed.

3. Bitcoin banking: If you want your borrower to be a bank, then you can try this method. Some banks use bitcoins as assets.

  • Earn virtual coins from tips:

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Have you ever thought about having bitcoins from the tips? Well, that is possible for you. You have plenty of options regarding this technique-

1. Open a shop: If you want to gain bitcoins as tips, you should open a shop to get started with the process. You have to check your QR-code every day.

2. Open a blog: It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a shop. You can gain bitcoins through a blog. Always remember to add a QR-code or bitcoin address on your page.

3. Search for websites: Many websites allow users to get bitcoin tips in exchange for answering the forums. The most popular platform is Bitfortip. The process of joining the website is pretty straightforward.

4. Offer services: One can provide services to the people and receive bitcoin tips as their payment or fees.

  • Gain digital coins from faucets and games:

If you don’t want to go through the process of mining, you can get bitcoins from faucets and games. You don’t have to spend your money on the investment.

  • Visit websites and ads:

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With the advancement in technology, people can now get digital currency just by visiting some websites and seeing ads. It is the most convenient way to fill your virtual wallet with these virtual coins. The best thing is you don’t need a unique computer for it like mining. An average laptop or computer will work fine because you just have to follow the steps mentioned by the website offering you bitcoins.

Some websites ask for clicks, while others want people to watch various advertisements. You should be very patient with this process. Otherwise, you won’t get paid for the same.
It is better to research well before choosing a site, as you can’t ignore the fact that there are many scammers all over the internet.

  • Start trading to get free bitcoins:

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Trading has become popular nowadays. So, you can also try it if you don’t want to invest in cryptocurrencies. There are two types of trading- arbitrage and speculation. Both these processes are effective in earning virtual coins.

1. Arbitrage: In this type of trading, you can buy or sell coins to earn profits. You don’t have to worry about the prices because they are pretty minimal.

2. Speculation: As the word suggests, you have to speculate on the prices of bitcoins. If they are higher, you should sell them and vice-versa.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we would like to say that earning bitcoin without mining is a complicated process for you. But you can choose from the ways mentioned above and get started with the same. We hope this article provided you with all the information that you needed to know.