Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Drew Barrymore is best described as with great acting and screen writing prowess. Her involvement in plastic surgery has produced a more different effect from the usual and unlike much other celebrity, she has spoken boldly about her involvement and most importantly she shared light on the boob’s implant that she had undergone.

A proper glance at her before and after photo highlights the much difference in both photos. The previous photo of the star shows natural huge boobs but overtime it has suddenly depreciated in size. And according to her, she explained that indeed she had something to do with plastic surgery to help reduce her natural boobs and that she did it for a reason best known to her.

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drew barrymore plastic surgery

Breast reduction has been practiced by very few individuals compared to the breast enhancement procedure. Majority of individuals that undergo breast reduction procedure is simply because they mostly don’t feel comfortable with the size of it. And according to speculations, the same has been said of her.

Judging from her latest photo, it seems she feels very ok with the reduced breast size. Also not only has she had boobs reduction procedure, according to her, she also used a nose job while she was younger to correct breathing problems. She is very fortunate to have the right plastic surgery done without having to suffer any bad effect.

drew barrymore breast reduction

And she also feels very open to talk about her involvement with the procedures. It could be well seen that her initial aim for plastic surgery was for medical reasons thou it could have also helped boost her performance in her career.

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