Donna Mills Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


There used to be a wide believe that age has a lot to do with appearance. But with plastic surgery now becoming perfect, such sayings are proven to be irrelevant as time goes by. At Donna Mill’s age, she is almost half her real age and it baffles many individuals to think that someone could actually be blessed with such appearance despite the age.

As always when top celebrities starts looking younger or they refuse to grow old with regards to their normal age, speculations about their involvement with plastic surgery begin to grow among the public. It is very difficult to see facial lines or wrinkles hanging around her face and this is definitely the result u get from Botox injection.

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donna mills plastic surgery

It is also possible that she underwent the knife for a face lift which is responsible for making the face appear smoothened and stretched to keep it looking attractive. Taking a closer look at her photos, her face area looked swollen like she has used fillers to improve the volume of her cheek and lip to make it look sensuous.

Also the eye lift completely got rid of eye bags and sagging and opened her eyes in a more attractive way. However the actress is yet to give a full statement on her involvement with plastic surgery. According to her statement it is not bad if little cosmetic procedures are employed to enhance the natural beauty.

donna mills facelift

Her statement is one of the reasons why several individuals are saying that she has also been involved with plastic surgery but made sure that it was done at minimal to reduce the risk of her having worse results or the public finding out about it. With her recent appearance, she has no reason to undergo the knife for now. But who knows she might decide to use another plastic surgery procedure in the future.

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