Distressed and faded floors have been in style for quite some time. It can make for a very interesting floor that is sure to draw the eye in some way. With many people wanting to create rooms that offer a beautiful experience from the floor up, they can be a popular choice. Let’s take a closer look at why distressed floors continue to remain popular in 2024.

Vintage Character


There is no denying that distressed and faded wood floors are packed with character. If someone has bought an older property, they might wish to either restore the original features or replace them with similar ones that meet modern specifications. For example, if the house has a parquet flooring that might have once been beautiful but now needs replacing, the owners might want to find a similar one. Just click here to see some of the options that you could choose from!

Finding floors to match the character of a property can be difficult. Many people are taking on an older property that needs a lot of work, but then there are some difficult choices to make in terms of décor. Do you keep things modern and sleek, or do you play to the character and history of the house? Many people are choosing to do either the latter or to mix a bit of both in. This allows them to add in all the sleek modern appliances and comforts they want while still playing up a little with the introduction of characterful pieces.

Of course, no one wants a house that looks this deliberate. If you add in distressed and faded floors, you can quickly make it look like the floors have been there for years even if they have just been put down. If your aim is to create a vintage bolthole, this type of floor will be a must! Deliberately aging parts of your property can really give it that lived-in feel even if you have only just made changes!

Beachy Boho


In the past few years, there has been an emphasis on turning your home into an oasis where you can relax and completely unwind. Though there might be areas of your home where you wish to work, such as a home office, there are other spaces like your room that should be calm and quiet.

One style that many like to use here is a beachy boho aesthetic featuring distressed wood and lots of blue and white. Even if you are miles from the coast, it can be a great way to create a tranquil space. Think of beach huts and you will no doubt picture soft and faded wood that has been eroded over time. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to include this aesthetic in your home!

A space that truly invites you to kick back and relax might not be the best choice for a home office, but it can be a great addition to a sitting room or bedroom. Combine it with big windows and lots of natural light so that you can enjoy a beachy vibe even if snow is swirling outside. This can also be a great aesthetic to combine with a love of thrifting. You can find some great blankets, cushions, and other pieces to tie into this style of room. Just make sure that you don’t cover up that amazing distressed floor – it should still be a key part of the room!



After years of embracing minimalism, it is unsurprising that trends would shift towards maximalism eventually. If you have never heard of this before then you are in for a real treat. Just as minimalism is all clean lines and white spaces, maximalism is mismatched textures, clashing patterns, and bold colours. This is certainly a case of more is more!

While you might be happy to throw up a geometric wallpaper that clashes with your velvet sofa covered in a thrifted quilt, you also need to think about your floors. A faded and distressed floor just adds one more layer of pattern and something else for the eye to catch on. Here, you could very easily combine it with a rug to add even more pattern and craziness.

However, as with the beachy boho vibe, you do need to make sure that you are not covering things up too much! You want as much of that distressed and faded floor to be on display as possible. Use it as a foundation for the room as a whole, and take inspiration from the distressed patterns to draw up the walls to create a space that is truly, wholly, maximalist.

While in most interior design you want to guide the eye to a particular point, in maximalism, it is maybe better to say that you are trying to confuse the eye. As this movement continues to grow in popularity, we are likely to see more and more people begin to trial maximalism. After all, there are really no rules with it, contrast and change as you choose!

Make Changes Today

Distressed and faded wood is not a choice for everyone, but it will continue to rise in popularity throughout 2024. If your tastes align with one of the styles that we have mentioned above, consider adding a faded floor into the mix. It could be the final piece of the puzzle that pulls everything together in just the right way.

We are entering an era of pure expression when it comes to creating a home. With many of us now choosing to work from home where we can, decorating and creating a good space means that we can truly put our own stamp on the places where we live.

This is not just where we live, it is an extension of who we are. Distressed floors might seem like an odd way of expressing this, but they actually fit right in. Explore what the world of distressed and faded wood floors can offer now. The right floor could be just what your home needs.