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After years of hype, Disney+, a brand-new online streaming service has finally launched and is now available for the public. We all know the growing popularity of online streaming websites. Netflix tops the chart with millions of its daily premium subscribers. The race is getting tough as Facebook and many other platforms have introduced their personal streaming platforms.  

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Disney+ is making a new entry to the industry by offering a brand-new platform for the Disney fans out there. The aim behind launching this new streaming platform is to give full access to Disney’s popular movies and shows such as Marvels, Disney, Star Wars, Pixar Movies, etc. All these titles can be explored with nominal charges on this platform.  

However, the same platform is investing huge money in fresh content. Apart from these movies, Disney+ will offer a bunch of fresh contents including Series and movies. Unlike the other online streaming platforms, Disney+ has a special section for Kids. Being a new platform in the industry, many people might get confused while choosing what to watch and where to invest their precious time and money.  

The launch of the new Disney+ marks as the start of a war in the Streaming network. We already have a number of online streaming websites and applications for mobile devices and tablets through free movie apps like these ones. Mobile users can install the app to start streaming their favorite movies and TV shows remotely. Disney+ is surely going to shake the entire market as it will come up with some exciting offers and a new type of content to attract subscribers.  

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Disney+ seems to be walking in the footsteps of Apple TV+. Apple started its new The Morning Show with the launch of its all-new streaming service called Apple TV+. And now, Disney+ is also offering the new Star Wars Show.  

The archive of Disney+ is not less than a fantasy world. When you explore the content library of the Disney+ platform, you would be able to explore all types of movies in different genres such as Animated, Sci-Fi, Superhero and pretty much everything. The library has included all the movies from the past 50 or so years which is indeed a good thing for you if you have decided to invest your money on this new streaming platform.  

The competition in the online streaming industry is getting tough day by day. And this competition brings revolutionary changes in their pricing and terms of policies. Most of these online streaming services offer free 30 or 60 or 90 days of trial. You just need to subscribe to their service as a new user and you would be allowed to explore their contents library for the free period of 30 days or so.  

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Thankfully, all of these services come with their mobile apps for both, Android and iOS platforms. You can easily install their apps on a respective smartphone from their official app store to start streaming content from anywhere. You don’t need to have a different credential or ID; you can use the same Credentials to stream out the movies and other contents either from a PC or on a smartphone or tablet device.  

If you are a new user who hasn’t subscribed to any network yet, then you have to first check out the business graph of these networks. Take note of the companies investing in the fresh content for these platforms.  

If we talk about Apple’s TV+, it is backed by America’s first publicly-traded company. Apple will get regular funds from such a big company to produce fresh content for the premium subscribers of its Apple TV+ service. Disney+ owned by Hulu which is also a popular online streaming platform and Amazon’s Prime Video is also investing huge money in producing fresh and regular content every day for their subscribers.  

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These companies have learned a lot of lessons from the new subscribers as they cancel out their subscription after the end of their free trial period. Each company sets out a goal of subscribers in every single quarter and most of them are losing a big number of subscribers who just use the free trial version of their services.  

Studies have found that the platforms which are offering monthly subscription packages are gaining more premium subscribers as they don’t have to pay full money for the whole year in one go. They can pay as per their needs like for one month, two months, three months, etc.  

As noted above, the streaming world is getting more and more competitive as we are seeing new platforms from big giants in the market. We will keep on getting such new platforms with fresh content and of course, with attractive subscription plans which is a good thing for the end-users like us!