Digital marketing is more than just a tactic that’s used to increase revenue and drive sales. Many businesses including online casinos will use digital marketing to connect with their target audience and create an environment that promotes customer loyalty. If you want to learn more about how online casinos use digital marketing or are looking for inspiration for new ways to promote your own business online, take a look at some of the most popular digital marketing strategies used by online casinos below.



Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that involves showing ads to people who have visited and left your website in the past, a process referred to as bouncing. Online casinos will often use retargeting strategies to ensure that they are showing ads to guests who might be interested in returning to visit the site. Statistics show that web visitors who are retargeted with ads are 70% more likely to become a customer compared to those who are not. The most helpful part of retargeting is that it isn’t limited only to viewers who have visited your website. Casinos will often retarget visitors that have looked at their social media profiles, for example.

Online Content


Content marketing is a part of digital marketing that provides consumers such as casino players with useful information and resources. Casinos can tap into the power of content marketing by providing more information on topics such as the latest industry news, upcoming events, or the newest games. A content strategy has the main goal of increasing visitor engagement, and many casino companies have seen a lot of success by using content marketing to generate more leads and convert visitors into repeat visitors.

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Social Promotions


Today, more and more people are using social media platforms as a way to not only connect with friends and family but also for connecting and staying more engaged with their favorite brands including online casinos. This has provided online casinos with a great platform that they can use to promote giveaways, contests, sweepstakes and more. This allows them to create an environment where people can have a good time, leading to an online buzz that is likely to encourage more visitors to the online casino. In addition, these social promotions also serve as an ideal way to collect data on interested users, which can then be used to drive future marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation


SEO is a major part of digital marketing and is used by all successful online casinos to ensure that the casino website is showing up at the top of search engine results. This is achieved through the process of matching keywords to common search queries that target online casinos. SEO can be a long and intricate process, and with trends and requirements always changing, it is not surprising that the vast majority of online casino brands find it helpful to work with a professional SEO agency to get the results that they want.

Mobile Apps


Today, more than 70% of all web traffic is coming from mobile traffic, with more and more people looking for casino options that they can easily access from their smartphone or tablet. As a result, many online casinos and other online gaming sites are turning to mobile apps as a way to connect and increase engagement with their audience and customers. Mobile apps make the experience much more convenient for the players, allowing them to easily enjoy their favorite games without having to leave their home or even go into the next room to start their laptop or PC to play. Another main benefit of casino apps is that the casino can use push notifications to keep players up to date with the latest games, promotions, and other updates that might encourage them to play.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards


Online casinos tend to offer more rewards than traditional casinos, and it’s a great digital marketing tactic that helps casinos get more guests compared to their competitors and increase customer loyalty over time. Most online casinos today will offer competitive new player bonuses, allowing customers to get a reward just for signing up and making their first deposit. Some casinos also offer further rewards to players who continue to stick with their casino for a long time, boosting customer loyalty levels and encouraging repeat custom.

Buyer Personas


Buyer personas are a strategy that is used by many businesses in order to get a better understanding of who their customers are and what they want to see from the company. Online casinos will often use buyer personas to determine the different types of people who might be interested in visiting the casino and playing the games that are on offer. For example, one type of buyer persona might be somebody who has taken some time off work to travel and wants to find games to entertain themselves on the road. Another might be a busy parent who wants something fun to do in the evenings at home to wind down.

Customer Engagement


By promoting players online, casinos have an ideal way to connect with their guests and make them feel special. For example, after running a competition, casinos can further engage with their players by publicising the winner and posting their photo or tagging their social media account with their permission. Some casinos might even go one step further by including real-life customers in their marketing efforts, for example, by interviewing players to talk about their experience for YouTube and other social media videos.

Digital marketing is a crucial part of advertising any business today. Online casinos use a wide range of tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies to not only get new players through the door but also encourage them to stick around.


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