Transportation services became very popular in recent years, especially because of the convenience that clients get with the ability to order and pay for a ride with their smartphones. The most popular service is Uber, but there are some competitors with similar popularity and great potential as well.

When it comes to Canada and the United States, we can notice a great rivalry between this widely known company and Facedrive. You can visit here to check more about Facedrive, the price of its stocks on the market, business plans, and more.

If you are not sure which service to choose, you should read more about their main features to check which one is more suitable according to your preferences. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important features and explain the differences and similarities between these two services.

Main Features of Facedrive


The company from Toronto is known for its efforts to cut the emission of CO2. In that matter, we can expect further investments in new technologies and electric vehicles. Also, it has an excellent app where a client can get a full report about the emission of the vehicle that is driving him. Besides that, a certain percentage of each payment is given to charity.

That is an excellent way to promote business, improve the status on the market, and share positive values. Social responsibility is very important today, and many companies should follow the same strategy for a better environment.

When it comes to technical features, becoming a part of this company is quite simple. However, you can expect more rides if you have an electric vehicle or at least a hybrid model. When it comes to the clients, registration takes only a couple of seconds, and the app is transparent and simple to use.

Main Features of Uber


This is the most popular company in the world when it comes to the transportation of people and food. They are one of the first services where people could easily start working, and there are no limitations or demands like with some similar services.

Therefore, you can choose to work as an Uber driver full-time or create an additional income by working only a few hours a day. Besides the regular service, food delivery is very popular as well. They created contracts with many popular restaurants, and people can expect delivery in less than one hour.

Some of the best features are the ability to share the bill, choose a driver, order a ride in advance or for other people, and much more. Some less-known companies offer similar services, but only Facedrive managed to get close to Uber when it comes to the quality of service.

Main Differences


By being much longer on the market, Uber is a lot more popular option. Still, the popularity of other options is rapidly increasing, especially in New York, San Francisco, Miami, and other big cities in the US. When we look at the ratings of Uber, over 90% of clients are satisfied with its services.

Therefore, this company became a synonym for this kind of transportation. the interesting fact is that many taxi drivers switched to driving an Uber since people find it as a much better option than traditional cabs.

Moreover, it has some advantages over Facedrive, such as a wide selection of discounts, sharing a bill option, coupons, and better customer support. On the other hand, payment processing works much better with Facedrive.

When it comes to loyal clients, they should choose an Uber since they can collect points over time and get discounts, while there is no such option with Facedrive. Also, Uber is connected with Alexa software and offers many other advanced features.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of Facedrive is the ability to pay with cash. However, you will have to note that while ordering a vehicle. If you want to take a pet with you, there is an option to select that you are taking, which can be important since some drivers won’t allow animals in their cars.

When it comes to prices, we can notice that they share the same pricing in most cities. Also, the policy for cars is similar as well, with a regulation that a driver is not allowed to become a part of the platform if the vehicle is older than seven years. The technical aspects of apps are also similar, and you shouldn’t wait for more than a couple of minutes before finding the available driver.

Still, since Uber is active for a longer time, you can expect more experienced drivers. On the other side, if you want to choose a service known for its activism related to ecology and a better environment, Facedrive is a better choice.

Last Words


The great thing about the rise in popularity of other services rather than Uber is related to the quality of service and prices. High competition can lead to increased efforts of different companies to improve their service, offer cheaper rides, allow only vehicles with low emissions of CO2, and much more.

The price of both options is the same, but some improved features of Uber are still making it the best solution. However, we can expect further development of Facedrive as well. They are the only company that managed to become a serious rival to Uber. Their strategy related to less impact on the environment is proven to be a great way to improve the position on the market.

The technical differences are quite small, and you can choose between them only by some personal preferences and little details. We can expect even higher competition since many other companies will start following the same strategies and values as these two choices.

In that matter, deciding between them can be difficult. However, you can be sure that each one of them will provide you with a professional and experienced driver, which means that there are no security issues to worry about.