Most excited travelers around towns were left in shock when the almost three-month travel ban rudimentarily disrupted their Annual Holiday Plans. Given that the aviation sector is preparing to open up international travel, optimism remains. The great question, however, is: Where is traveling safely?

Whereas some countries have developed unique ‘travel blubbers’ and ‘corona corridors’ to allow tourists entry, others are fighting for lucrative offers and free receptions for the traveler. Here is a list of the destinations you can visit after the coronavirus pandemic. These destinations are also close to hospitals and have more hospital beds per capita than most European countries.



It has the most significant achievements as one of the world’s least impacted nations. The Georgian capital city of Tbilisi is a perfect location for architecture, music, and gastronomy. The city also provides a wide range of tourist apartments, apart from luxury hotels and guesthouses, which can offer more personal safety and security. Which are good to visit for weekend getaways in ga.



It’s just two hours from New York to fly to Bermuda. This fantastic island has super friendly people who are ready to tell you about the history of the island. There is plenty to see, enjoy, and discover, including pink sandy beaches and historic buildings painted in rainbow colors.



Austria, loved by historical buffs, has up to ten times less infected people. Vienna is the most favorite destination for travelers with Europe’s best quality of life. Its Christmas markets are among the best in Europe perfect for nature lovers.

Salzburg, literally the “salt fortress,” is named after its early salt exploitation, which also formed its main richness. It is the fourth largest city and probably one of the most charming spots in the country, located next to the German borders.



This excellent destination has something for everyone to offer. The beautiful beaches, the old history, the variety of food, medieval architecture, and romantic piazzas with a view on Mount Etna are just some of the things you would like to see.

The proud capital of Sicily is since antiquity a cultural melting pot. It offers artistic treasures, exciting traditions, and unforgettable experiences influenced by Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, and Normans.



The number of people infected in Croatia is up to 20 times lower per million. This southeastern European country is very popular with fans of gastronomy, music, nature, and water sports and offers a wide variety of private villas, tourist apartments, and family-owned hotels.

Zagreb is Croatia’s favorite location for travelers. It has been a must-see destination for years for city vacations, the starting point for road trips in Croatia, a romantic year-round destination, and a Christmas market destination.



In regions such as Algarve, Lagos, and Alentejo, the Southwestern European country has almost been corona-free. The country is an exquisite get away from the beaches surrounded by golden cliffs, warm water to the traditional architecture.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Alentejo has been drawing more and more travelers to the untouched nature for simplicity. Don’t miss a visit to Evora, share a wine tasting with family and friends (they are among the famous in Europe), and have a trip from Comporta to Odeceixe along the coastline.



It is one of the best destinations to be visited in Europe, with steps taken to minimize the presence of COVID-19. Cluj-Napoca is one of the most beautiful European towns and one of the most desirable towns in Romania.

The City of Cluj-Napoca awaits you in the historic part of Transylvania, in a picturesque location. You would always be pleased when you get into the town and experience the atmosphere. Cluj’s key characteristic lies in its people, who build a diverse, multicultural community, in which once you feel the city you can easily blend. You can find out for yourself why it is one of Europe’s safest destinations if you take a while to connect to Cluj Napoca.



Preveza has all its ingredients for a healthy environment. It has many properties, and it has one of the least impacted countries in the world with a pandemic of up to 50 times fewer infected people. With one of the longest beaches in Europe “Monolithic Beach” (22 km long and 50 m wide), there are no social distancing problems!



While in Montenegro, there were very few cases of Coronavirus (60 times less than in the most affected countries), during the pandemic, Kotor remained a green area without any coronavirus detection.

Kotor is one of Europe’s most beautiful places: this city is the romantic destination of lovers, a culinary destination for foodies, a highly instagrammable destination, a refuge of calm for nature enthusiasts, heaven for trekking, walking, or cycling enthusiasts.



Poland, along with Portugal and Greece, is one of the least affected European countries for the Coronavirus. Contamination in Western Europe is up to 20 times lesser than in the most affected nations.

Warsaw is one of Europe’s most amazing cities. Their past depicts that of a people willing to face any challenge, recover, and move on. The Polish message was also straightforward with the Coronavirus in mind, “Warsaw has survived two world wars. We will survive this too. See you very soon!”

Most European countries are opening their borders, and hotels and flights are opening up again. You want to fly to Europe after weeks of quarantine, but you do not know where to go and what protection action is being taken of countries and regions.

It would be better if you take the help of a trip advisor while planning for the trip. As they are well updated about all the rules and regulations and would help you to plan the trip accordingly. offers you very reasonable packages and vouchers for your safety.

Keep alert, and don’t forget the movements of the barrier, social distancing, and wearing a mask. When your health is poor, stop flying. Persons over 70 should be particularly vigilant also when overweight or have respiratory problems.