Over the years Dee Snider has been involved with singing, song writing, and acting and as a screenwriter. His involvement has led to his estimated net worth of $10 million. Vast majority of his net worth is as a result of his versatility in the entertainment industry and also his writing skills as well. Dee Snider was given birth to in the year 1995 March in the city of New York (precisely in Astoria).

He began singing at a very tender age and was involved in church choir, School and later represented the All State Chorus. In the year 1976 Dee Snider took up writing songs for the band Twisted Sisters after joining up with them. And in the year 1982, the band released its first official album titled “Under the Blade”. The band has since then released several other albums with the most successful album having the singles “We’re Not Gonna Take it and I Wanna Rock” that was released in the year 1984.

dee snider biography

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The debut episode of the MTV Head banger’s Ball that was aired in the year 1985 was hosted by him. The idea of having parental advisory label on music was started in the year 1985 after Dee Snider spoke against censorship. Dee has gone on to play alongside several other bands and has also hosted radio shows.


dee snider career


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 15th March 1955

Place of Birth

  • Astoria, New York, NY


  • 65


  • Singer
  • Songwriter


  • 73Kg


  • 185 cm


  • Suzette Snider

Net Worth

  • $10 million

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dee snider net worth