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Over the years Dean Cain has been involved with acting and this has increased his net worth to an estimated $6 million. Dean Cain was given birth to in the year 1966 31st July in the city of Michigan (precisely Mount Clemens). Dean became very popular after featuring as Clark in the Superman based TV series known as, the new adventures of superman (Lois & Clark).

Dean Cain was brought up in Malibu and went to Santa Monica High School. Dean’s initial plan was to play professional football rather than acting. During his stay in Princeton, Dean Cain made a name for himself becoming holder for NCAA interceptions in a single season and also dating Brooke Shields for a couple of years. However his professional football career hasn’t begun fully before he suffered from a knee injury after signing with Buffalo Bulls.

Prior to his injury, Dean Cain had already featured in a bit-part role in the film “The Stone Boy”. He appeared in several commercials as he was trying to build on his acting career and it wasn’t until the year 1993 when he broke onto the scene with his overwhelming performance in the television series “ The New Adventures of Superman” (Lois and Clark) in which he played the role of Clark Kent.

He has since then starred as guest on different TV shows such as Just Shoot Me and many others. He hosted the Ripley’s: Believe it or not, and was the producer as well. Dean has starred on several movies on television and was once engaged to Mindy Macready (RIP) that committed suicide which was rumored to be as a result of substance abuse amidst other things.

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dean cain net worth


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 31st July 1966

Place of Birth

  • Mount Clemens, MI


  • 54


  • Actor


  • 86 kg


  • 183 cm


Net Worth

  • $6 million

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