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David Cassidy set the American Music industry rolling in the 70’s with his brand of music and this earned him popularity. Despite his age since he first storm the music industry till the present, his appearance has not changed a lot rather he has gotten a lot smarter in appearance when comparing the way he should be looking at his real age.

There are speculations that he may have relied on plastic surgery procedures such as Botox injections and face lifts, which are the most common for individuals fighting aging effects to enhance his appearance. Over the years Botox injections and face lifts have become trending among oldies that want to look younger.

David Cassidy is the latest to have used such plastic surgery procedures to promote his aging appearance. The idea of using Botox injections is to get rid of aging effects such as wrinkles while the facelift is to eradicate frown lines and as well sagging so as to enable the skin look refreshed.


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His appearance looks a little out of place given that he looks very unrealistic for any individual with that age grade. But no withstanding, he had a wonderful result which he must be proud of and happy about. There are also signs of him using fillers to enhance his already sagged cheek area and it has suddenly appear different from how it used to look like.

David Cassidy is yet to give his comment on the rumors regarding him undergoing plastic surgery and has rather kept mute about the whole thing. Most individuals are fond of using proper balanced diet and exercise programs as excuse that have kept them looking younger and David Cassidy has joined in that group of individuals to make that same excuse.

His denial didn’t do much in the mind set of many individuals and majority still have the inception that it was no other than plastic surgery that gave him a youthful look rather than the excuses that he has made.

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Let us focus on David Cassidy use of facial injections as taking a look at his chin and cheeks now would show you that there have been quite some amazing changes compared to his face in the past. In his previous photos, it was glaring that David Cassidy had ordinary looking cheeks but now, everyone notices how chubby his cheeks looks. He also has fuller chins compared to when he just kicked off his career.

On a norm, it is quite impossible for these changes to happen because as humans tend to age, they start growing older and not younger but that isn’t the case with David Cassidy and this only suggests the use of plastic surgery. Well, lets be honest tho, his facial injection procedure turned out to be great as he found a way to get rid of wrinkles and facial lines that were once on his face.

He however denies all of these allegations stating that the cause of disappearance of these wrinkles and facial lines were due to his healthy consumption of mineral water and constant exercises.