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Darius Rucker was given birth to in the year 1966 May 13th and was part of the University of South Carolina Band crew during his days where he became the lead singer two decades after he was born with the crew known as Hootie and The Blowfish. Over the years he has written five albums and recorded them as well. Despite his legal problems he has since been able to drop an album even thou it wasn’t released of the time when due it finally made its mark.

As an African-American he has achieved high feats holding the records of number solo artiste for over two decades and the CMA Awards for new artiste. Aside from his debut album, he has since then added more four solo albums to it and possesses a net worth of about $14 million.

Darius Rucker was born in Charleston area of South Carolina and he still lives in Charleston with his wife and their three kids. Darius Rucker’s mother Carolyn Rucker is a medical nurse who worked with South Caroline Medical University and she was responsible for the upbringing of Daniel Rucker alongside his two brothers and three sisters. Darius father wasn’t always at home as he was part of a gospel band known as the TRAVELING ECHOES.

darius rucker net worth

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Some of Darius Rucker’s studio albums include;

  • Learn to live
  • Back to then
  • Southern style
  • Charleston SC
  • When was the last time
  • True believers



  • American

Date of Birth

  • 13th May 1966

Place of Birth

  • Charleston, South Carolina


  • 49


  • Singer and Song Writer


  • 75 kg


  • 178 cm


Net Worth

  • $14 million

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