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Choose the size, quantity and start designing. Add pictures, texts, and whatever color you want, as desired. And we literally mean that. You can design the exterior and interior as you please and whatever your needs are.

Custom mailing boxes are a type of packaging used in the advertising or as a special promo pack. The basic idea is to give a business gift extra value through professional design and attractive appearance, which in addition to functional has a pronounced marketing effect.

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Typically, unconventional solutions, original designs, and other attractive design solutions are usually sought. The second most common use is for sales when multiple third-party products are sold at a “bundled” discount for which specialty packaging is usually made (usually in medium or small sizes series).

As with anything else, you must first keep an eye on the price. You have to calculate how much you can spend on it to be profitable. Before contacting the manufacturer and asking them to send you a sale price, you need to have an idea of ​​what it will look like. Because every little thing affects the final price.

From size, through quality, colors, order, etc. And, of course, there’s the profit for the manufacturer. But even though price plays a part in your decision, do not save on this. When you compare all the advantages and disadvantages, it will be clear that this is something worth investing in.

If the price is not a problem, let us give you some of the best reasons why this is exactly what your business needs to be even more successful…


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Since the boxes are unique and made exactly to fit your needs, the thing you send will ideally suit the size. You won’t have to spend money on other materials to fill the empty space. For this reason, not only will it have other useful uses, it will even save you money.

It will save you valuable time

We all know how valuable time can be in business. And generally in life, because that’s the only thing we can’t buy or take back time. Preparing a shipment will be much more simple, as you will have the right packaging and you will not have to search. You just take one of the boxes that fit perfectly.

Unusual shape or fragile product

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Does your product have any unconventional shape? It may be too big or small for any box of regular size. Or it is particularly fragile and will not be able to reach the customer in an intact condition except in a specially made package. You can emphasize all this to the manufacturer and these problems will not give you a headache.

Your company logo in the most visible places

You can certainly add your logo to a box that is not just made for you, but it won’t be nearly as effective. You can see the difference when something is manufactured that way or you just add it. Choose some of the best positions for your logo as well as color. For example, you can add it to where the package opens. Maybe you can add some interesting inscriptions too. With the choice of the right manufacturer, such as, the possibilities are unlimited.

Professionalism comes first

We all know how important it is to be dedicated and professional in your work. One of the best ways to show this to your client is with a custom mailing box.  This will make a great impression, much better than using the regular packaging provided by the courier service or reusing your old one. It is necessary to maintain the highest possible level in every way. This way you will not lose a customer but will continue to buy from you and even recommend you to everyone.

Never-ending contest with competition

You may have a great product, but if you don’t stand out from your competitors, it may go unnoticed. This is exactly one of the best ways to avoid this and stand out in the huge offer. Often the exterior attracts the customer even more and may opt for a slightly worse product if the aesthetics are satisfied.

Follow a global phenomenon called “Unboxing”

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You must have heard about unboxing. Fewer things are watched more on YouTube and similar places than unboxing videos. People are obviously very interested in watching their favorite YouTube star open a new, just purchased product. Often it is something luxurious and extravagant that they will not have the opportunity to get on their own. Here are opportunities for millions to hear from you. Great free ad. Don’t miss it!

They can be fully personalized for specific occasions

Make good contact with the manufacturer and offer your customers uniqueness. If they want to gift your product for someone’s birthday or other occasions, offer them that kind of box as well. Your logo will certainly remain visible, perhaps not in the foreground, but it will, and a satisfied customer cannot be compared with anything else.


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It is very important that you also think about the well-being of the entire planet Earth. That is a very good marketing, and we all must think of the environment. And raise awareness for everyone. So choose the material carefully. The plastic is out, make sure you use it less and less.


We all have boxes of some of the things we bought a long time ago, but we still keep. We like them very much and now we use them for some other purpose. For example, we keep photos or other memories inside. For that reason, make sure it is just those boxes with your company sign. It will stand on someone’s shelf for a long time and subconsciously associate it with your brand.

We have given you only the most important examples of the many. You can also experiment with the so-called display box, which has a transparent part, etc. Use your imagination and raise your brand to unprecedented heights.