Homeowners all over the world have one thing in common, and that is to make their house or flat a true home where the warmth and coziness can be felt. Home décor has really come a long way in the last several years as new and modern ideas started sprouting everywhere. Lighting has followed close by and became an integral part of turning every room into something more.

By far the most fun room to tinker with and decorate is the living room. As the dedicated space for quality family and friends time as well as the most visited area of the home, it should be the centerpiece and the model showroom for the rest of the home. When someone enters the living room, they should be able to tell exactly what kind of people live in that house or flat, what they like and what they are all about. And of course, furniture and lighting are more than enough to achieve this.

If you are need of some cozy living room décor and lighting ideas for your latest redecoration or renovation, worry not. You will find all you need right in this article, and for the best place to get inspired and order some of the best products on the market right now, make sure to check out Stylish Direct.

1. Symmetry


It is in the very nature of the human eye and mind to search for proportion and adore symmetry in the physical world. Not a lot of people like disproportions and dissymmetry, which is understandable as it appears out of order and cohesion. Therefore, your living room should have a certain pattern of furniture, general décor, and art. When everything is in harmony with each other, you and your loved ones will also feel at ease and be at peace. Too many objects on one side will offset everything else in the room, while empty spaces are even worse. If you have a sofa or a few armchairs on one side, put similar amount of seating on the other and a club table between them. Possibilities greatly depend on the size and type of room you have, but there is usually a great number of solutions to explore. Just keep it symmetrical and neat.

2. Lighting Ideas


Lighting in every home comes in two different forms, natural and artificial. While natural light is crucial for the overall look, feel, and comfort of a home, lights you have for when it gets darker are slightly more important for décor. This is why it is hardly enough to have big windows and terrace doors providing light to your living room. You also need a large, quality chandelier on the ceiling, a mini pendant in that secluded part of the living room, and an obligatory lamp shade on the small table just beside the sofa. Modern chandeliers look absolutely stunning nowadays and they are a great solution no matter what type of furniture and design you prefer. Paper shades are quite popular if something more down to earth and minimalistic is your goal, while matching fixtures for spacious living rooms are arguably the best choice. Tall stationary lamps in far ends of your sitting room can liven up the place in a special way as well, as it is sometime better and nicer to have a few smaller lights instead of the big, main one. Mood light and smart solutions are the fan-favorites at the moment so explore those options too.

3. Colors


Matching the colors of your living room goes without saying. Although it seems like something anyone can achieve, things are far from it in actuality. The design, shape, and shade of your furniture should absolutely go with the type and material of your doors, windows, and the rest of the interior. Then come the carpets, the art, and of course, the wall paint. You can find more on this on Uniquely Coastal. Too many bright colors are off-putting as you cannot concentrate on a single thing or a single area. Then again, plain solutions without any warmth (or cold) are also not ideal. Modern living rooms tend to utilize a lot of off-white, cream, dark and light grey, and dark and light brown shades with all of the elements, from the walls and wooden parts to art pieces and furniture. Think about what color and what shade your walls are, as well as what would go best with the kind of windows and doors in and around your living room and determine the psychology of colors and your connection to them.

4. Art


There has been some talk about art already in the article, but it really deserves a separate paragraph since it can do so much for the main room in the house. Art can either make or break the cohesion and connection of other elements, and of course, you want the former. Too much of it makes any room tacky and often weird, while too little may not be enough to elegantly fill empty wall and shelf spaces. Paintings are the go-to solution, but right now more intricate floor and tabletop pieces are taking over. Many people look for dep meaning of art and therefore cannot always find what they are looking for. What we recommend you do is get something as long as you like it and as long as it makes sense color and design wise. Whatever floats your boat, as they say, but keep in mind that the boat should not lose its identity and meaning in the process!

5. Plants


Last but not least, we have to mention plant life in the living room. Usually, home owners like to keep plants around both for aesthetic and health reasons. It is very good for us to have a few plants inside as they help us connect with nature on the one hand, and breath fresher air on the other. The green they provide can also be utilized to make sense of the rest of the interior. If you have other green or brown elements, they will always make sense in a room with a bunch of palms, cacti, snake plants, dracaenas, or aloe vera. Place the smaller ones strategically alongside the windows and on top of your tables and counters, while the bigger ones should definitely go on the floor, in or around the corners of the room. Plants are fun and it is amazing to see them thrive with enough care on your end. They will award you with an amazing living room décor if you give them a chance.


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