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Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery – Blessing In Disguise

Aging gracefully in Hollywood is not a culture encouraged. Celebrities in this world always have to look better to enjoy stardom in their life. Only possible way to look charming and beautiful is to go choose plastic surgery treatments. When they finally go for it, rumors and speculations start coming and it leads to weird kind of popularity that many of the celebrities can’t stay away from it. Fans start talking more about the changes that a celebrity has done rather than applauding for their work. This is showbiz and its undeniable to be normal in way.

Courteney Cox first came into scene when acted as Monica Geller along with Jennifer Aniston in sitcom Friends. Now being aged more than 40, actress doesn’t have much options other than simply choose the right types of plastic surgery treatments to enhance her face.  In the Hollywood standards, Courtney Cox manages to be in the limelight.

She has also played a role in the Cougartow which is a popular television series. Courteney Cox today is middle aged having breasts that are perky and a willow body that is not uncommon among the celebrities.

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courteney cox plastic surgery

A pretty large part of the viewing audience, even fans of Courteney Cox and her work, have speculated that she’s had plastic surgery done. Courteney Cox has a large audience who watch her keenly and speculate a lot of things about her body and face. The first rumor that came in the magazines and internet was about breast augmentation. People watching Cougartown were suddenly surprised to see Courtney Cox with bigger breasts after certain episodes in the series.

After this she has been added into the plastic surgery actress list by the television and fan community. Today she is being accused of almost everything. But we are not convinced with all of it. We like to look at the before and after photos of Courteney Cox and examine her to determine which types of plastic surgery treatments has she taken to get this appearance.

From the photos, it is clear that Courteney Cox has taken cosmetic surgery treatments such as Botox injections and lip enhancements. While she ages we expect to see some more changes in her body.

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Already in her fifties, Courteney Cox is one actress that still has an astonishingly attractive and young look and recently, Courteney Cox plastic surgery became a topic for the media and fans to discuss and this was based on the fact that even as she is starting to age, she is still looking youthful and not showing any signs of aging. This youthful look appearance has led many people to believe that Courteney Cox plastic surgery allegations are real and true.

Courteney Cox plastic surgery rumors are not entirely wrong or false as the actress herself admitted to using Botox injections so as to help her maintain a long lasting beauty and she also disclosed that she wasn’t of the opinion of trying out several plastic surgery procedures on her face as she has seen how it has damaged the faces of so many celebrities. Something these celebs must know is aging is a natural process and therefore cannot be stopped.