A thorough dental hygiene routine contributes to tooth decay prevention along with promoting good mental and overall health.

Regrettably, despite such measures being taken dental emergencies still happen leaving you in pain and lost as to which steps to take next.

Understanding the common issues

Having an idea of what you could possibly be experiencing could not only bring some mental relief but give you an idea of what steps to take next.

Additionally, having the contact information for a local dentist including, those who specialize in dental implants in New York readily available, would put you in a perfect position to respond to such an emergency.

1. Toothache


Manifesting as waves of or constant pain, discomfort felt in the tooth or around is the tell-tale sign of an urgent dental situation. Often accompanied by other symptoms such as teeth sensitivity to temperatures and more, there are several ways to go about alleviating this type of pain such as performing mouthwashes with warmish water, flossing, over the counter pain medication etc.

With various root sources and the possibility of suffering reffered pain, it’s important to seek out a professional diagnosis as soon as possible in order to determine the root of the pain as well as treatment options.

2. Lost & Knocked Out Teeth

With this style of injury, time is of the essence. Assumed to be avulsed when the tooth finds itself fully dislodged from the it’s socket, this is the second most common oral emergency.

Acting quickly is what will help you save your tooth.

  1. When holding the tooth, do so by the part which is visible
  2. To rinse the tooth due to dirt or damage manipulate the tooth delicately and rinse it with nothing but water for up to ten seconds
  3. Attempt to put the tooth back in its socket gently biting down if impossible, store the tooth in a flask of milk or saliva keeping it moist

Seeing a dentist immediately will higher your chances of saving your tooth, in cases where the dislodged tooth cannot be saved, dental implants in New York can be used as a replacement option.

3. Broken & Chipped Teeth


Increasing overall sensitivity, a broken or chipped tooth can come in varying levels of severity. With filling or bonding being a perfectly viable solution for a large number of cases, a crown or implant could be used in more severe cases.

4. Soft Tissues Injuries

Referring to cuts or tears to the inside of your mouth, cheek or lip, the key with this type of injury lies in stopping blood flow, this can be done by applying strong pressure to the area. Additionally, swelling can be reduced through a cold compress. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, seek immediate medical attention.

Don’t let Oral Emergencies Dictate your Smile

By understanding what to do in the event of each of these issues, you can be prepared to address them quickly and effectively thus minimizing the pain while, ensuring that your smile stay healthy and beautiful.