Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery – Before And After Photos


All those rumors about Claire Forlani getting a plastic surgery have become true. Look at her, she now has a woody face like Sylvester Stallone. Her ears are elongated, eyebrows lifted and a subtle nose job that is evident. Plastic surgery is a common buzzword in the celebrity world. Not only women, men also go for surgery to enhance their appearance.

Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery

The mature celebrities usually have this in their mind as they age. In Hollywood or the fashion world signs of aging can change the image of a celebrity. A hotty can no more remain so when age grows bigger. Unfortunately the only near to complete option is having a plastic surgery to get recognized in the industry. Well Claire Forlani is a beautiful actress, known for her roles in Basquiat, Mallrats, Meet Joe Black and others.

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For few months, she has been spotlight in magazines and tabloids for the work done on her face. Maybe it’s not just face, she might have also done surgery on her body too we never know. The reason for her surgery other than enhancing beauty can also be medical reasons. According to experts, she underwent a rough accident during her movie shooting which damaged her appearance.

However, some say she has done this only for beauty. No matter, which one is true, she seriously looks different now and honestly not good.

Born in London, Claire Antonia Forlani is a popular actress since her first appearance in the movie Police Academy and TV series JFK: Reckless Youth. No doubt, she is blessed with great acting skills opens up to many accolades such as nomination as the sexiest woman in magazines, for tony awards and others.

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So as one of the top celebrity she has to keep up with the fans expectations to get noticed. The most visible changes in her body is on the face. Most probably, she has a jaw implant which has dramatically changed her appearance.

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