Each part of the year has its own meaning and symbolism. But no part of the year has meaning and symbolism like the end of the year. Why? Because the last three months, and especially the month of December are full of holiday magic, with emotions and moments that need to be spent with loved ones. December is a special month with great magic, a lot of impatience, and a lot of preparation. Why? Because that’s the month of Christmas. Yes, this month the magic is increasing day by day, and every day we enjoy more and more the Christmas magic that is all around us. The Christmas lights are increasing day by day, and with that, we know that Christmas is getting closer.

With the end of November, but also the beginning of December, the whole magic begins. The strange Christmas spirit begins to reign in all of us, we slowly start making plans for how to spend the holiday, what to prepare in the period before Christmas, to make cookies, to decorate the house, and so on. Once the plans are made, the first and basic task begins, and that is to buy decorations that will decorate the home. You know, there are already decorations in the home that have been bought and used in the past years, but you can also buy new decorations that will further increase the magic and excitement around the holidays in the home, and what the team of who each year have something unique for their customers. Once we are equipped with the decorations, the decorating can begin.

Once the home shines in the Christmas glow and the home begins to feel this magic of the coming holidays, the period of realization of the other plans follows. Who are they? That is planning and organizing the Christmas dinner, then shopping for the products needed for that dinner, making cookies without which these holidays and all the previous ones could not pass and of course – making a list of movies or choosing a Christmas movie that should look with the family. The movie is especially important when it comes to these holidays because at the moment of watching the movie the whole family is gathered and together they enjoy the holiday, but also the festive content that the movie brings to you. Not sure which movie to choose for these holidays? We bring you some suggestions that you will surely like. Who are they? Let’s look together!

1. Home Alone


If you are looking for movie classics that will make you laugh sincerely this Christmas then the story of the little kid who stays only for Christmas will really make you laugh to tears. The story of little Kevin, his adventures around Christmas, the challenges that come before him, and the two bad guys who will chase him, but will not be able to reach him, will make you laugh to tears and bring warmth and positive spirit to this Christmas. in your home. So browse the streaming apps and find this phenomenal classic that will give you about 2 hours full of laughter and fun.

2. Just Friends


If you are already looking for a romantic comedy that you will enjoy and that has a holiday theme, then we recommend the movie Just Friends. It is about a boy with a few kilos more who in his teenage and student days is not noticed by people and by his sympathy because of his weight, but then years later things will change and his sympathy will start to notice him and see how much he actually changed and beautified. The so-called famous singer Samantha is also involved, who in the whole situation will be the third person in this relationship who will make the party. A great choice for these holidays that you must see!

3. Gremlins


If you are looking for a classic from the past, then this movie will be ideal for you. This is one of the greatest classics that many generations have grown up with and many generations have spent the Christmas period watching this movie with their family. These are small creatures that multiply very quickly and evolve very quickly. It starts with the little gremlin which will be sweet and meek until one day new and new gremlin start performing from it which will make a lot of problems and at the same time a lot of fun, which makes the movie itself interesting to watch.

4. The Polar Express


If you are looking for an interesting story, then this movie brings it to you. It is a story that involves several children who get the opportunity to ride the polar train that travels for Christmas through the most beautiful areas covered with snow. They have tickets that are of great value to them and with which they will go on a big trip. This movie has great Christmas magic, and the proof of that is the large number of already satisfied viewers who watched it and who were very satisfied when they chose this movie as a repertoire for the holiday night when the whole family gathers in front of the TV.

5. Mrs. Doubtfire


A movie that does not have a holiday theme, but which is still really interesting for the holiday evening spent with the family is this movie – Mrs. Doubtfire. It is a film that talks about a situation in which the father loses the right to watch his children every day due to the divorce from his wife. After he leaves the home, an advertisement for a nanny opens, which he applies disguised as a woman. In this way, he approaches his children every day and begins to live with them again and to take care of them. Interesting content that will surely keep your attention and make you laugh, but also cry with happiness.

We are sure that in these 5 suggestions you will find one of your choices that will fill your holiday night and that will make you enjoy with your family.