Oddly enough, but minimalists like to give and receive gifts. Yet, this must be something special, as they value emotions and experiences above material things.

Minimalism philosophy encourages people not to give up things at all but to acquire an object or something material, considering the intangible value and personal significance for them of this or that purchase.

So, we have prepared several minimalist gift ideas for you, but you foremost have to choose gifts considering the recipient’s taste and what is essential or useful to them. This applies to all facilities, but especially to the skills for the minimalist.

A 3D Photo Crystal


At first glance, a 3D crystal with a photo engraved on it can be considered a classic souvenir, which does not suit the minimalist view on presents. However, if you give it to someone for whom a non-digital photo is not another trinket but a truly memorable and meaningful thing that keeps the warmest memories, the situation is entirely different.

A true minimalist may have very few personal things, but he or she still can be sentimental as any other person. And these non-utilitarian things the minimalist keeps are more significant for him than dozens of memorabilia for a hoarder or shopaholic.

For example, you probably can order 3D crystals online at ArtPix 3D website for your mom or grandma. Even if they prefer more useful things, you may complement your significant gift with a beautiful custom-made locket (or other crystal types) with your joint photo, and be sure she will appreciate it.

Indoor Plants


Plants purify the air, give a special touch to our home, and also allow us to connect with nature, so this is a home decor that never fails.

Try to choose a beautiful and unusual but easy-to-care houseplant that does not take up much space. Also, consider the right conditions for a particular potted plant, such as its need for light or heat.

Besides, think about edible plants, namely herbs for cooking.

Give your minimalist a herb garden kit, and the recipient will appreciate the fact that the gift is both cute and super practical.

A Spa Day Gift Certificate


Who wouldn’t like to have a spa day? This is a very relaxing minimalist gift option that is especially relevant to celebrate the end of this challenging year.

You can choose between many options, depending on your budget and the recipient’s preferences. There are also services such as Groupon, which offer coupons with discounts.

Moreover, these days, when we spend more time at home, you can choose your friend a specially designed kit to have a spa day without leaving their bathroom.

Wine Tasting


For wine lovers, a wine tasting or wine tour gift certificate can be an excellent option.

This idea is equally suitable for true connoisseurs and for all those who do not know much about the science of winemaking but still like the drink itself and would want to spend an exciting evening.

There are also other various tasting options like beer, whiskey, cheese, chocolate, etc. You should find the product which your gourmet friend appreciates most. You can also check to learn more gift ideas for wine lovers.

An Amazon Kindle Membership

Well, books are also a good option, but from the perspective of your minimalist friend, they probably take up space and accumulate dust.

That is why now, more and more people are opting for digital reading through tablets. You can download all the books you want and read them whenever you want. Consider this Amazon Kindle option as an incredible gift, which is super useful and durable.

Besides, you can give your friend the Kindle Unlimited membership, where he or she can have access to more than a million eBooks, read wherever and whenever they want with the free Kindle app.

Tickets for the Event


If your friend prefers new emotions over things, you should arrange an exciting pastime for him or her instead of wasting money on some beautifully wrapped garbage.

Tickets for a game, concert, art exhibition, performance, or private party invitation are great presents for almost any person, mostly a true minimalist.

All that you need is to know the recipient’s preference and choose a suitable date. Buy and send tickets online to exclude waste paper.

And finally, the best option is to surprise your friend and join him or her at this event without telling in advance.

Other Options


Wine bottles, cheese basket, freshly roasted coffee – food is always a good option, and you can also give cookies baked by yourself.

For fitness enthusiasts, a gym membership would be great, or a pass for some yoga, dance, or pilates classes.

Courses, a professional photo shoot, cooking, car driving, or art classes; in short, there are many options. You have to know the tastes of the person you want to congratulate to find the right approach.