Our hair is one of the essential beauty assets to us. It has a lot to do with the majority contribution of appeal to one’s appearance. Hence it is of no surprise that hair is one of the best assets. This does not say that bald people are unattractive or not, but it is more of a preference to want a specific hairstyle or hair type in general.

People need to understand that it is only a part of their bodies and does not give them any inherent value other than what they give it. There are a lot of methods to retain, maintain or regrow your hair. It is easier for those with acute medical conditions than those with chronic diseases such as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.

Those undergoing chemotherapy also essentially have a chance to regrow their hair. For the former, hair extensions and transplants are the best options to go for. For the rest, there are medical treatments and consultations that they can go for.

Visit to know more about wigs, extensions, and hair bundles suitable for your hair preferences. In this article, we’ll talk about the various things that go into the consideration of choosing a hair bundle, especially a natural wave.

But before that, we’ll state the multiple types of extensions, which will give you a better insight into how it can help you choose better. With that being said, without any further ado, let’s get in!

Tape Extensions


Tape extension is a semi-permanent method, just like how you have keratin bond, micro ring, and weft extensions. Similarly, tape extension is a kind of semi-permanent extension. Now let us be clear that a lot of people term it as permanent hair extensions.

Well, no. There’s nothing permanent as such either, as it’s temporary. These are clip-on extensions, or it’s semi-permanent, so a lot of people term it permanent. So when they say permanent, what they mean is semi-permanent. So tape extension is a method where a thin layer is taken of your natural hair, and it’s sandwiched between two tape extensions.

Yes, your natural hair gets sandwiched between two tape extensions. When it comes to semi-permanent, there are three to four options. There are tape extensions, new extensions, which are also called the keratin bond extensions. “I tip u-tip,” and there are micro ring extensions. Micro loop extensions and the wefted are the ones that are stitched to your natural hair.

Now a lot of people prefer no heat. They don’t want any glue in their hair. They don’t want any heat into the hair, so this is an excellent option because there is no heat involved. When we make the bundle application, it’s like a sticker, so you peel it off like a sticker, and then you place the first tape extensions.

Then you put the natural hair on top of it, and then there is another tape that goes over it, and your natural hair gets sandwiched, so that’s how the application is made when it comes to tape extensions.

Micro Ring Extensions


Micro ring extensions are one of the application methods wherein, with the help of rings, the hair is attached to your natural hair. Typically, to add volume and length, you would need around maybe a minimum of 50 to add volume, and perhaps you’ll need 100 to 150 strands for length and volume, so it depends on the texture of your hair or your natural volume.

The application usually takes around two to three hours, but if the strands are less, maybe one hour, so approximately 100 strands would take about two to three hours at maximum. What kind of tools do you need for micro ring hair extensions to fix? Usually, we need a plier.

A professional plier is more preferred than to clamp the ring apart from. We don’t need too many things. However, this is something that you can’t do at home. You will need a trained professional, so make sure your stylist is a trained professional. He has enough knowledge about fixing the extensions, or else it would cause damage and it will harm your natural hair.

How To Choose A Hair Bundle


When choosing a fiber, it is essential to consider your lifestyle routine and expectations of your alternative hair system. Based on our lifestyle, you may choose more than one bundle. The two points to consider while choosing a natural wave bundle will be – look and feel. Consider the look and feel that you want to achieve. Think about the texture of hair you desire.

Versatility is another point. Think about how often you want to change your style and how important that is to you. Time is another critical factor. Think about how much time you want to or have to spend on your hair. For example, imagine your morning routine. How much time would you like to spend getting your hair ready? Remember, time doesn’t just correlate to styling.

Also, consider cleaning, conditioning, and drying. Maintenance investment when it comes to your investment in your hair system is significant. Your hair loss needs will be the most crucial consideration. Synthetic fibers require the least amount of maintenance due to their style memory.

The fiber will not react to its environment, and whether the style will hold through washing and no heat styling is required. Synthetic fibers also offer a lower investment option. High heat synthetic fibers offer the styling versatility of human hair with the style memory of traditional synthetic fiber, where all the benefits and versatility of styling come without the cost of human hair.

Human hair will offer the most natural look and feel and unlimited versatility in styling options. It allows you to create any look as if it were your natural hair. Although human hair will be the highest investment, it will outlast all other synthetic fibers when cared for properly.

Whichever fiber you decide is suitable for you, remember to follow all care and maintenance instructions from the manufacturer.