Chad Kroeger Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


The name Chad Kroeger isn’t new to the minds of many given that he is the husband of fellow musician Avril Lavigne. In recent times the appearance of Chad Kroeger has taken a different look. He used to long flowing hair but he has now reduced the volume of the hair and also cut down his beard there by given him a completely different look.

There are growing speculations that his new look might also have been supported by plastic surgery. One of the rumors surrounding him that he underwent Botox injections. When it comes to Botox injections, not many male are fond of the procedure but he may have used this plastic surgery procedure.

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chad kroeger plastic surgery

The rumors could be true given that his facial appearance is almost free from aging effects such as wrinkles and face lines as well. His appearance looks completely young and beyond any reasonable doubt, such is the effect of using proper Botox injections without overdoing it. Also his nose area has taken a different look from how it used to be.

It can’t be said that such results are due to aging because it is almost impossible to have a slimmer and straight nose bridge at his age when it didn’t come at birth. The nose job he had also helped him restructure his tip of the nose to become pointed. These changes have sparked several opinions, with some sets of individual holding on to make up as the possible means of his change in appearance.

chad kroeger facelift

Never the less the artiste is yet to give in any information about the growing speculations. But it can’t be surprising for many given that plastic surgery is very common thing among celebrities even thou they mostly keep quiet about it. All the same he is very lucky since it didn’t ruin his natural appearance instead it completely enhanced his looks.

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