Celebrities are the epitome of a fancy lifestyle; be it their estate or the ridiculous donations they make, these people are not short on those dollars. Regardless of how much they can spend on their ride, some celebrities like their ride to be smooth yet humble. The budget car you think only your dad owns might just be the one your beloved artist drives.

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Here is a quick look at ten rich celebrities who drive a rather normal car.

1. Cameron Diaz – Toyota Prius


Charlie’s Angels made sure that this angel preferred deliverance overlooks. The Toyota Prius is not much beauty if we consider how it is designed. But that did not stop Cameron Diaz to hold on to her budget beast. The Toyota Prius is a decent family car with a lot of space to spare, and seems like Cameron Diaz likes to kill some time in her car with that after work Starbucks coffee and a big mac; we all know how messy that can be if your ride looks like a jewel but feels like a box. What’s great about the Prius is that it offers excellent mileage for a rather big family car, perfect for a family person like Diaz.

2. Mark Zuckerberg – Acura TSX


Ah, how we all love Zucc. “The founder of Facebook” and the former holder of the title “Youngest Billionaire,” those are the titles that storm our brain when we hear the name, Mark Zuckerberg. As rich as he is, he has been known to live a very modest lifestyle, avoiding being flashy. The same can be said about his ride as having a net worth of over $30 billion did not stop him from riding the $30,000 Acura TSX. He seems to favor this ride of his awful lot compared to his other babies, which makes sense considering his style and preference.

3. Colin Farrell – Ford Bronco


Believe it or not, Colin Farrell, being one of the wealthiest Hollywood celebrities, drives a 1996 Ford Bronco. He may have delivered a masterpiece in Miami Vice, but the movie did not influence him to rock a new ride. From the time he made a break into Hollywood till the time he became a millionaire, Colin Farell has been accompanied by his Ford Bronco as his primary ride. The new $5,000 car has seen Colin through his ups and downs and is still here to carry him to greater heights. Jokes apart, Colin might believe driving a luxury vehicle doesn’t make him less attractive.

4. Justin Timberlake – Volkswagen Jetta


Arguably one of his generation’s greatest artists, Justin Timberlake, is nothing short of a global phenomenon. The music legend has taken the world by storm with his countless hits and proved that you don’t need the luxury to be happy by riding his Volkswagen Jetta. The white beauty is the definition of the phrase “Plain and Simple,” but when a multi-millionaire rides you, being famous is inevitable.

5. Tom Hanks – Scion XB


One of the most down to earth and humble celebrities to ever grace the big screens, Tom Hanks is as rich as they come, continually making the list of the richest actors. Not only does he ride around in a Scion XB, but he has also modified it to be electric, too, sending an important message regarding fuel scarcity. And he is probably planning to do that Forrest Gump runs if he runs out of charge. The 2015 model of Scion XB costs you around $18,000.

6. Jennifer Lawrence – Volkswagen Eos


No one can ever forget their first time watching the Hunger Games, and what made the movie a masterpiece was Jennifer Lawrence’s fantastic character work. Being one of the highest-paid celebrities in the Hollywood industry, her net worth is estimated to be around $150 million. Even with all that fortune, she finds comfort in her white convertible Volkswagen Eos. The $35,000 car is the perfect blend of aestheticism and power, the two traits that have defined Jennifer’s career.

7. Ed Begley Jr – Toyota RAV4


Not the mainstream celebrity that you will instantly recognize, but a legend in his own right, Ed Begley Jr is the heart and soul of the original Ghostbusters. The 70-year-old has enough cash to buy a renowned car company for himself, but he has adjusted his riding to a Toyota RAV4. The SUV itself is nothing fancy but is known for being pretty fuel-efficient, perfect for the Ghostbusting business. Nonetheless, he enjoys riding the wide-area, economical, and refined interior of Toyota RAV4, which costs $26,000.

8. Daniel Radcliffe – Fiat Punto


If flying brooms were real, that would be the first choice of travel for Daniel Radcliffe. The most well-known artist of his generation, Radcliffe, has earned a considerable fortune at a very young age and could afford a car luxurious enough to put a flying broom to shame. But that is not the case with Mr. Potter, who has been going around casting numerous spells on his $17,00 Fiat Punto. Once, he mentioned, “Driving on a Fiat Punto is excellent; it’s a lovely thing that gives me a room to maneuver.”

9. Mel Gibson – Toyota Cressida


The Toyota Cressida is something you’d give your son or daughter for a quick high school ride. However, the ride has been owned by a wide range of people, and the highest bid has to be for Mel Gibson’s. Despite the abundant amount of money he has made, he still chooses to have a casual and slow-paced ride in his old beast. The Toyota Cressida costs you around $3,700.

10. Dwayne Johnson – Ford Truck


Imagine being such a hunk that normal sports cars can’t contain you; that is the case with the former WWE superstar and the highest-paid Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson. Despite starring in movies like Fast and Furious, Dwayne prefers to ride his subtle Ford Truck as it matches his size and the one thing he radiates, power. It’s not the ride that defines his luxury; he defines the ride’s luxury.


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