Friday, February 3, 2023
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6 Best and Worst Family Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

A dog can be a beautiful addition to almost every family. This is not just a pet for our entertainment because it can easily become a part of a family. Within just a few...

Homemade Dog Treats vs. Store/Bakery Bought Dog Treats

Sixty-seven percent, which equates to around 85 million families in the US, own pets. The pets are part of these families, and it is not strange to find a pet parent trying different treats...

5 Proven Techniques to Calm an Anxious Dog 

Does your dog bark for no apparent reason and refuse to be soothed?  Do they constantly chew everything in sight? Are they often looking for ways to escape from your home, backyard, or even while you...

Kitten Microchipping – Everything you Should Know

When can I get my kitten microchipped? Unlike the needles for vaccination, the needle to insert a microchip is much larger, and the kitten may experience momentary pain and discomfort while the chip is inserted....