The market of cryptocurrencies is becoming more popular every year. The main reason for that is that the values of some of the most popular units became much higher over time. The most popular option is Bitcoin, with a current price of around $35,000. Ethereum is following its popularity and represents the second most popular choice for investors, and its price is around $2,200. High volatility is the main factor that is making this market so attractive to investors.

As you can see, there are frequent changes in values, especially when it comes to the most popular options. For example, the price of BTC was only around $10,000 one year ago, while its price was near $60,000 a few months ago. The same is with ETH. In that matter, it is necessary to follow the news and predictions and to understand more about the factors that are affecting this market and price movement.

In that matter, it is crucial to find the right sources where you can inform about the changes in the market. It is necessary to follow only the accurate news. However, the main issue is that we can find a lot of analysis and stats shared by people who are investing in this market, and their intentions could be to affect the actions of other people. If you are interested in some of the most accurate sources and news related to the market of cryptocurrencies in 2024, check out

Moreover, you should learn more about both the technical features and potential of any cryptocurrency before you decide to invest in it. Besides that, it is crucial to learn about proper ways of buying, storing, and selling them as well. Since Ethereum is one of the most popular units today, it should not be a problem to find a place to sell it. However, some factors might affect the price that you can get, and that can be especially important when you are planning to cash out a large amount of it.

Can You Convert ETH into Fiat Currencies?


The simple answer is yes. However, there are various factors to know before you select the right model of conversion. The most common option is to select the online crypto exchange and convert it into some of the available fiat currencies. The most important thing is to choose a well-known and reliable online platform.

Therefore, pay attention to the fees and time required for the conversion. When it comes to the process of withdrawing money, it is quite simple. You will need to create an account and share your private data along with the bank account or some other option where you want the money to be transferred.

When it comes to the time required for the transaction, the most important factor is the system behind this digital currency. The process can get slower if a lot of people are trying to convert it at the same time. Also, the selection of online crypto exchange can play a big role as well. Those well-known options are using more advanced systems and have more resources to provide people with faster transactions. Therefore, the transfer should never last more than 10 minutes.

Choosing the Right Wallet is Important


One of the most important things related to this market is to select the right method of storing your cryptocurrencies. You can do that by keeping them on your e-wallet. The most common types of digital wallets are cold wallets, hot wallets, and a software option. No matter the choice, it is essential to keep the codes and access to any of these options private and store the passwords in a safe place. Besides that, you have to know that there is no way to recover the lost password. There were already some cases where people lost access to their wallets that are worth millions of dollars. The online wallets are the most convenient since you can use them all the time, on your PC or smartphone. However, the main issue is the lack of security.

Another simple way is to keep in on the online platform. While that is convenient as well, we don’t recommend you to use that option. There were some cyber-attacks in the past where online exchanges lost hundreds of millions. The safest choice is to use an offline wallet. You can use an external hard drive or USB with special protection. That way, no one could have access to your data.

Process of Conversion


The most popular methods are crypto ATMs and online crypto exchanges. In both cases, you will have to share the address of your wallet, which is called a hash code. It consists of lines of characters that cannot be generated or copied. When you finish with the conversion, you can convert the units into preferred fiat currency on the online platform, and they will transfer the money to your bank account.

The process is very simple, but you should focus on finding the platform with lower fees for the transaction. That can be especially important when converting large amount of ETH. In some cases, you can save hundreds of dollars by choosing the right option.

Last Words

Besides the most common methods, you can also sell your crypto privately, by transferring it to someone another e-wallet. However, you have to be aware of the risks. In case that you are planning to sell it to a stranger, you won’t have any proof that the person received your coins, and that person could decide to not send you any money. That is the main reason why people are cashing out only over ATMs and online exchanges.

When it comes to the amount of money that you can withdraw, you have to know that some online exchanges have limits. However, you can choose Bitstamp if you want to cash out a large amount of money. The great feature is that the fees will go down as the amount you want to withdraw raises. Other great solutions are Kraken, Cex, Coinbase, and more.