Carrot Top Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


We are sure that Carrot Top himself is pretty disturbed to see his own face in the mirror nowadays. His plastic surgery is a total disaster. He definitely is feeling sorry of his decisions about making excessive changes in his face. The final clown appearance of Carrot top is a result of numerous plastic surgeries on his face.  It seems like he was never satisfied with the way his face looked from a younger age.

So ultimately when he had the money to spent, he tried to change everything to become handsome the way he wanted. But too much plastic surgery can be always catastrophic and it is the same case with Carrot Top. There are many rumors swirling around about Carrot Top on the internet. Surprisingly some even think him as a deadly clown who eats human flesh. This can’t be true but the extent of imagination of people goes beyond the normal sense when they look at the Carrot Top’s face.

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carrot top plastic surgery

There are many opinions about the reason why Carrot top is making excessive changes on his face. Some people say he is obsessed with the plastic surgery and want to experiment with his face and other believe he is trying to get his old face back. The experts find that Carrot Top after many surgeries is now only using botox injections to keep his skin youthful. But Dr. Hoffman says “ One can find all sorts of surgeries on the his face”.

The facial structure of Carrot top has changed significantly around the eyes. He looks dramatic and cartoony. There are also lumped radial changes on the face like Barry Manilow and Marlo Thomas. Carrot Top has never made any serious public statements about his appearance. Before and after photos are just enough to see the changing face of Carrot Top and examine carrot top plastic surgery.

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