Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


It is very easy for celebrities to be spotted whenever they undergo any form of plastic surgery. Given that there whole life is been under supervision from the media and public at large. Plastic surgery has been working magic for many celebrities over the years and Carrie has just joined the long list of plastic surgery celebrities.

Recently her appearance seems to have changed a bit. And these have brought about few individuals raising their eye brows in doubts if she has undergone the knife. Judging from her before and after photos, it is clear that the change in appearance was a result of the nose job she had. The shape and size of the nose has changed.

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carrie underwood facelift


carrie underwood plastic surgery

The star initial wide nose has been trimmed to a smaller and fitted nose. The change in her appearance has also attracted surgeon experts to give their verdict on the matter. And they have concluded that she indeed had a nose job and that it proved very successful for her.

Regardless of the plastic surgery results, she has come under public criticism with many calling into question her decision to undergo the knife given that she already looked great with her previous nose. Nevertheless she has also gain support for her nose job result by her diehard fans.

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