Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Majority of individuals in the same age bracket as Carol Burnett has aging effects such as wrinkles, face lines and sagging. But for Carol, the reverse is the case. She has no sign of such effects and she looks very far from her age. Her look over the years has drawn speculations that she may have been using plastic surgery to enhance her look.

However, unlike many other celebrities that has refused to admit to the use of plastic surgery, she has ultimately agreed to using plastic surgery on several occasions. The star has undergone several types of plastic surgery. Most especially those related to overcoming aging effects such as Botox injections and Face lift.

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carol burnett plastic surgery

Her appearance overtime has really looked good and her chin area has looked fuller as well. She has backed her decision to undergo plastic surgery by stating that looking good has always remained her priority. Judging from her previous and present photos, it’s obvious that her appearance has remained youthful and maintained and her facial areas as free from wrinkles and face folds.

However, her plastic surgery has been widely discussed among several sections of the media and majority of individuals has appreciated her plastic surgery results. Several surgeons have given their comment on the plastic surgery and have said that her appearance over the years isn’t down to her recent involvement in plastic surgery but her past involvement.

carol burnett facelift

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And that she has only used other forms of cosmetics to maintain her appearance. Her plastic surgery is a success and has produced the best appearance on her. But her smooth and tightened appearance has also become a concern for many.

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