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One of the most defined, American dancer, singer, songwriter and actress is Britney Spears. She kicked off her career as an actress and has gone on to win the hearts of fans all over the world but wait for a minute, These same fans have claimed that they have seen her wearing several different looks and each time Britney Spears steps out whether at an event on or on social media, there is something changing or different about and it could be her styling, her makeup or even her hair.

This is one very popular celebrity that have her fans always keeping an eye on her for one change or the other and they are always quick to talk about these differences or changes in her looks whether it is through instagram or twitter or through pictures. However, Britney Spears was very beautiful at her early age but later her, she began carrying out some transformation on herself. Fans suspect that she must have had surgeries like lip fillers, facelift and also nose job.


britney spears plastic surgery

The good thing about a lip filler surgery is it still helped the star maintain her natural look as it isn’t overly done. It only made the singer’s lip look chubby while adding extra beauty to her face.  There are also reasons to believe that the same singer must have had filers, face lifting and botox just to keep away signs of aging.

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Fans of Britney Spears claim that cheek fillers used by Britney Spears just helped in making her look more enchanting as previous photos of the star before having botox showed that she looked quite older than her age. Britney Spears has always been in front of the limelight for over two decades and the singer is one that is good at mixing up her looks which led to the spreading of the Britney Spears plastic surgery rumors.

britney spears lip fillers

If a closer look is taken at the picture of Britney Spears above, one can tell that her celeb’s look changed entirely as her lips which now look plump unlike before has got fans asking if their favorite celebrity has got lip fillers. However, when asked, the singer admitted to having lip filler surgeries and she also disclosed further that Dr Raj Kanodia who handled the surgical operation is also responsible for making amendments when necessary.

During a 2008 interview, Britney Spears’s mother Lynne admitted to giving her daughter Britney the permission to get Breasts Implants. However, Britney’s mom went on to reveal that her daughter later regretted the boob job because her body was still undergoing some changes. Britney removed the implants the moment her boobs started increasing in size naturally.