The hospitality industry has poised a market valuation from $4391 billion to $4700 billion in a year. It has poised a growth of 7.0%, creating multiple lucrative opportunities for budding businesses worldwide. As culinary experts and plating enthusiasts always say, the presentation of the food is a true game changer for a wholesome dining experience. The plating of the food is half the platter, and you can win the battle of attracting diners to your restaurant.

The right tableware sets the right atmosphere by complementing the colors of the food and the visual aspects of the theme you set. Bone china has set a high standard for dinnerware, and in this article, you will learn everything there is to know about it:

What Is Bone China?

The word “china” entails and highlights China as being the home of pottery and porcelain. Bone china refers to a type of porcelain material. It is also known by fine bone china, bone porcelain, and other names, and it is made with the integration of bone ash, clay, kaolin clay materials, and feldspathoids. Bone china is manufactured through dual thermal heating, once at 1250 degree celsius and 1150 degrees celsius, known as biscuit firing and glaze firing, respectively. However, they are fired more than two times in the case of decorative appliances. Today, bone china is inculcated in tableware, dinnerware, teaware, mugs, etc.

Bone China Features


Recognized as every dinnerware enthusiast’s favorite type of high-grade quality, bone china has made its mark in the restaurant and other retail industries. Given below are certain features that make bone china stand out from other ceramicware:

  • Translucency & Lightweight

Bone china ware is transparent material with a hint of milky white texture. The word “bone” refers to the unique clarity and whiteness due to the integration of bone ash as a base material. It also comes in transparent textures and is exceptionally lightweight for easy transportation. This characteristic reduces shipping costs from suppliers, making it a popular choice for budding restaurants.

  • High Durability

While bone china is said to be a lightweight material, do not confuse it with a lack of durability. Bone china is an all-potent kind of porcelain that is translucent, lightweight, and the strongest. Its complex characteristics also make it highly resistant to wear and tear, making it a favorable choice for high-end hotels, resorts, casinos, upscale dining establishments, rental dining facilities, and other businesses in the hospitality industry.

  • Easy To Maintain

Being every homemaker’s favorite, bone china is a kind of porcelain that does not harbor the absorption of grease, grime, and odor of the food served. This makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain for multiple uses. It also features a smooth texture that creates an aesthetically pleasing set of dinnerware to enjoy delicious dishes.

  • 0% Toxic Elements- Sustainable Through-And-Through

One of the best features that make bone china stand out from the rest is its astronomical sustainability. It is an ethical material that utilizes no lead and cadmium like other materials. As such, clients and customers can have a safe and healthy dining experience on an attractive and aesthetically-pleasing display. Bone china is highly considered the safest dish to serve hot food on. This is due to the neutral nature of bone ash, which has multiple health benefits.

How Can A Reliable Bone China Dish Supplier Help?


A reliable dinnerware manufacturer can guarantee unique designs to enhance brand image and help restaurant businesses to utilize customized styles and designs. As they are equipped with comprehensive industrial expertise to research and implement the most trendy and innovative designs and unique styles, they can cater to your ideal dinnerware requirements, whether modern or vintage. They pour life into your ideals and bring a whole spectrum of distinct and fresh designs to help your business attain a marketing edge over competitors and stay above the curve.


The right supplier makes all the difference in the hotel industry or restaurant food chain. Bone china is a kind of porcelain that sets the spotlight for being environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing for diners. They are durable, recyclable, and can withstand extreme conditions without sustaining much damage. Integrate them into your business and see the magic happen!