Despite often playing second fiddle to Casino games like Poker, Bingo has grown in popularity around the world. The game is fun and loved by many including in pop culture. In fact, this guide compiled by BootyBingo has a list of celebrities that play Bingo. It has also found a way to the big screens in movies. Well, let us look at the bingo scenes that made it into some of the best movies.

Big Momma’s House 2 (2006)


Big Momma’s House of films is one of the most hilarious comedies that feature the game in the plot. In the story, Malcom Turner transforms into Big Momma and poses as a family nanny. She accompanies the whole family to a game. Once they are inside, we see dabbers and bingo cards being marked off. A little girl Carrie from the family, shouts ‘Bingo,’ which angers the players who were listening to the balls being called. Carrie’s father tries to calm the players by shouting, ‘She is just a child.’

Curb your Enthusiasm (2005)


Curb of Enthusiasm is a cult classic created and written by Larry David. In Season 5, Episode 4 of the show- Kamikaze Bingo, Larry David starred, and he acts as a player in a bingo hall alongside his father. He is seen to blend so well with the rest of the players despite him being a celeb. In this episode, Larry claims a win only for it to be challenged by a player and resident of the retirement home where the game is taking place, Ruth. It is an awkward and embarrassing situation, and everyone in the hall sympathized with him. Lenore, the caller, claims that Larry didn’t hear the number she called correctly. Larry insisted that he wanted to see Lenore’s writing pad, but she refused to show it to him. Soon after that, Lenore calls the next number, and this time, Ruth wins. This raises suspicion in the hall that Ruth and Lenore are partners, and the game had been rigged.

Rampage (2009)


Rampage has a very memorable gaming scene. In the scene, Brendan Fletcher starred as Bill Williamson and was thirsty for revenge. He dresses up in full armor and goes for a killing mission in a gaming hall. In the scene, the players are so immersed in the game that they didn’t notice the killer walking amongst them. He distracts the caller, and that is when the players noticed his presence. Yet, they remained calm and relaxed, the killer walked away from the scene, and the game continued.

The Simpsons (2014)


The Simpsons is a TV series that has entertained us for quite a long time. It has covered a vast range of topics, and of course gaming being one of them. In one scene, pensioners are sitting in the gaming hall, and it appears like none of them really understand what is going on. The caller shouts ‘I-25,’ one retiree asks what letter was called out, the caller repeats ‘I,’ another retiree asks what number and the caller say ’25’. The former retiree asks what game, and the caller answers ‘bingo.’ The second player frowns and throws away his cards after realizing that they are playing bingo.

Hotel Transylvania (2012)


Hotel Transylvania is one of the most popular animated movies with some gambling in the plot. In one of the scenes, the monster in the movie is seen enjoying their time in a gaming hall. The bingo balls are replaced with tiny talking human skulls. The caller mentions the winning number, and a lady screams out,’ bingo.’ However, the monster sitting next to her, out of jealousy and rage, gulps up her winning card before she claims her prize.

Better Call Saul (2015)


Better Call Saul, a spin-off of Breaking Bad, is a story of a crooked lawyer known as Saul. In one scene, he acts as a caller in a bid to win over new clients. However, in the middle of calling out the winning number, he gets a minor mental breakdown and starts talking about his wretched life. The elderly people who are his audience, perplexed, staring at him, waiting for him to finish carping so that they can continue with the game.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (2017)


In this TV series, Jack Whitehall travels the world with his father. When they were in the Sun City West, they visited the hall one Friday evening, and as expected, it was full of older adults. Jack Whitehall leaves his father at the bingo table and walks to the podium. He announces that the game starts and whoever wins gets $1000 from his Dad instead of the basic $100.Before long, the games begin, and his Dad claims ‘bingo.’ Jack throws him outside for cheating. This was as a way to save his Dad from paying the $1000 if a resident player claimed the victory.

Wrap up

These are just but a few select bingo scenes in the most popular movies on the big screens. The bottom line is that gaming is exciting and growing in popularity of the game around the world, including in the world of entertainment.


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