big show height

 Paul Donald Wight Jr. was given birth to in the year 1972 February 8th and has been involved as a professional wrestler and acting throughout his career.  He was given birth to in Aiken, South Carolina and after his schooling days, Wight had other menial jobs such as bounty-hunting and bouncing.

It was during one of his menial jobs (Phone call answering) while he was still at the “Karaoke Company” that he came across “Danny Bonaduce” who later introduced him to the famous “Hulk Hogan”.


During a friendly basketball game in which “wight” partake in with Hulk, he got the crowd all cheering and this prompted “Hulk Hogan” to recommend him to “Eric Bischoff” whom at that time was the vice president of WCW (World Championship Wrestling) who later presented him with a deal.

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Paul Donald Wight is mostly referred to by his stage name “Big show”. He started his WWE career after signing for the company in the year 1999. Prior to that he had already been involved with the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) where he earned the stage name “The Giant”.


  • Winner of the World Heavyweight Championship on seven occasions
  • Winner of the World Tag Team Championship on eleven occasions
  • He has won the Intercontinental Championship
  • He has won the United States Championship
  • He has won the Hardcore Championship
  • Winner of the 1996 World War 3 60-man Battle royal for WCW
  • Winner of the WrestleMania 31, 30-man “Andre the Giant” Memorial Battle Royal

big show height

Apart from his achieved success in professional wrestling category, Big show has also featured for several movie companies. He has made appearances in movies such as: Star Trek, Royal Pains and also took the lead role for the WWE studios production movie “Knucklehead”. He worked with three trainers in his career and they are Glenn Ruth, Jim Duggan and Larry Sharpe.

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  • He is the world largest athlete
  • He is a member of the New World Order on 3 occasion
  • He has been arrested in the past (1998) for assault on a hotel clerk in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Before he completed the age of an adult he was already weighing 100kg and had an increased height of about 188 cm
  • He has lost the WrestleMania fight more than any other professional wrestler
  • His towering height is as a result of the pituitary gland producing excess hormone
  • He has a ring size of 2 (size of ring worn on a finger)

Big Show Age and Nationality

big show height

Birth Name

  • Paul Donald Wight Jr.


  • The Giant, Big Show, Showkishi, World Largest Athlete

Date of birth

  • 1972 February 2nd


  • Aquarius

Place of Birth

  • Aiken, South Carolina (United States)


  • United State of America

How Tall is Big Show – Big Show Height, Weight, Age and Full Body Measurement

Body Build Type

  • Large

Height Measurement

  • 211 cm

Weight Measurement

  • 200 kg

Body Measurements

  • Chest – 162.5 cm
  • Arms – 56 cm
  • Waist – 101 cm

Shoe Measurement

  • Size 8 (USA)

Hair type

  • Bald

Eye Tint

  • Light Brown


  • Straight


  • White


  • Christian


  • Professional Wrestler and actor

Big Show Wife

  • Melisa Ann Piavis (Married 1997-2002)
  • Bess Katramados (Married. 2002)