Beyonce Knowles Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Beyonce Knowles never stops to mesmerize us with her amazing voice and beauty. And other thing that never stops is the rumors about her plastic surgery. Many consider her as a plastic doll from a young age. The rumors are still going on. She is reported to be surgically enhanced through lip reduction, nose job, and breast augmentation.

Has Beyonce Knowles turned into Plastic Surgery?

This depends on whom you ask. If she has used a knife then she did a great job. The results are akin like those of Bruce Springsteen plastic surgery.The speculations on the magazines and forums are mainly about her nose that has been altered using rhinoplasty. But addition to this signs of liposuction, reduced butt size, and augmented breasts are seen on her body.

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beyonce knowles plastic surgery

The question is how much of all this is true?

Before and after nose job of Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce when took the stage of Super bowl in 90s many noticed the slightly different nose. She was then popular for this nose plastic surgery and new look. Before, she had a wider bridge nose and fuller lips.

The nose job was done to reduce the size of her nose. Dr. John Spiegel plastic surgeon in Los Angeles confirmed that Beyonce took rhinoplasty treatments to get a cute nose. He quoted “ Beyonce came by for a narrow nose with finer tip for both beauty and singing purposes”. With the smaller nose, Beyonce can now hit higher notes while singing.

beyonce knowles nose job

Lips of Beyonce in the new photos are thinner. It is quite possible that she had lip reduction surgery along with the nose job. Some believe that has something to do with smart makeup and others are convinced that it is the result of plastic surgery.

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Even changes in the Breasts of Beyonce can be seen in the before and after photos. The left breast in the photo seems smaller with natural shape. While the right one is larger than the other in early photos. Now her breasts are cup sized which is definitely the result of breast implants.

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