Are you an animal lover? Sure you are as soon as you inquire and want to know something more about these wonderful little creatures. Every pet carries with it several of responsibilities. Undoubtedly, each of them provides a huge amount of love, but they also have their needs. If you are a business person, or you have a child who desperately wants a pet, and you do not have much time to devote to all this – buy a Betta fish!

These fish will meet your expectations. It will bring joy into your home and will certainly refresh it with your energy. You can’t go wrong with them. Bettas are currently the most popular fish for pets. Whether their popularity is growing due to their appearance, beautiful colors, ease of maintenance or intelligence, we reveal to you in this article.

Bettas don’t require much


Don’t let the lack of time push you away from the idea of ​​getting Betta fish. These fish are both easy to maintain and do not require much. It is ideal for children who want a pet precisely because they do not ask much to be happy, and also your little ones do not need much to be fulfilled and satisfied. They need to be fed twice a day and you need to keep the aquarium clean, that’s all! Even if you forget its food for a few days or go on a trip, you will find these fish healthy and will not blame you for it. Bettas are also very clean fish due to the production of higher amounts of ammonia. This means that the aquarium will stay clean for a long time and will certainly be less of a concern.

Easy to maintain


When you think of pets, you always wonder if I will have time to clean pet’s hair around the house, take them for a walk, and will I be able to respond effectively to all their requests at all? With Betta fish, you don’t have those worries. They relieve you completely. They don’t need much. Although an aquarium with a filter would be ideal for their maintenance, and your minor care, they can be adapted even to a water bowl. It doesn’t take them long to get used to the new environment. They require a change of water once a week and only a few minutes during the day for their diet.

A pet that costs a little


When buying a pet, you often ask yourself how much will it all cost me? If you haven’t set aside a big budget, don’t worry. Bettas are quite cheap fish. If you’re inquiring about their price and maintenance check this. Also, the costs for the fish tank and food are very low. As for the aquarium and equipment, you will buy it only once and you will have a long time left. Buy it now lasts you a lifetime of your fish. Your monthly expense can be reduced to buying food that is not expensive at all, and since Bettas don’t eat a lot, you’ll see how low costs are for its diet.

Betta fish are very intelligent


This species of fish belongs to the intelligent family of fish believe it or not. Find out for yourself if this is one of the key reasons for their popularity. Their intelligence can be seen in several ways. One of them is that they have developed a parental instinct. Better said they take care of their young ones. This behavior is typical of Betta fish. Also, these fish are very aware of their environment. They are always on the move exploring the environment, marking important areas, and try to stay there as long as possible. Bettas are very fun fish, which is why they are frequent pets. In fact, they start to recognize their human friends over time, so by staying next to their aquarium, these fish get noticeably excited, and when it’s time to feed, they just make a real show!

They can be alone for a long time


Bettas are fairly independent fish. These are pets that will not spoil your plans. If you are planning a trip or have to be away from the warmth of your home for a few days, this will not be a problem for these fish. There are holiday feeders that are recommended for all of you who won’t be home for a long time or who travel frequently. With their help, your fish will not lack food and you can even be out for a week. Apart from your presence, Betta fish will not miss anything.

Their beauty captivates your house


Bettas are very beautiful fish. They are characterized by many wonderful colors, and their tail is truly irresistible. You could watch for hours these little creatures pass unhindered through the water, swaying, moving their tails. They can give whole new energy to your home. Together with the aquarium, they can be a real attraction. At your disposal today you have many types of fish tanks of different sizes and decorations. The decorations with which you can enrich the interior of the aquarium and the environment of your fish are numerous, such as various plants, castles, etc. Bettas will definitely enrich your house and certainly you as well.

They don’t need a company


If you have already had an aquarium with fish and you want more of them in your collection, be careful. Betta fish are not very sociable. In fact, they don’t need another fish to be happy. Even the presence of other fish in their aquarium can lead them to be aggressive. This behavior is especially pronounced in males. If you combine two males in the same aquarium, there is a good chance that you will not find one of them in good condition tomorrow. You can try to connect two females, but they will need time to accept each other. Of course, you can connect a male and a female and they will probably successfully integrate and create a community. Whether you want to experiment and combine these fish is up to you to decide, but keep in mind that it won’t always have a happy ending.

If you need a pet it is really wonderful and says a lot about your personality. Don’t get confused that way. Don’t makeup reasons why it will be harder for you to make a final decision. A pet like Betta fish has only advantages. Advantages in maintenance and your satisfaction and fulfillment. Get one of these wonderful fish and start each day wishing it a lovely good morning.


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