Best Toner For Men – For Clear, Clean And Toned Skin


One of the products that most men do not have or haven’t even given a thought to is a skin toner and even if most men don’t know it, skin toners is a must have in every man’s grooming kit. We are here to tell you why the best toner for men is a worthy addition to every man’s grooming kit.

Guide On Finding The Best Toner For Men For Clear, Cleaned And Toned Skin

Toners are good guardians of the skin as they make sure pH levels are balanced and the production of oil is in check. It is a secret weapon that most men do not know about and before anything, we want you to take a look at the best toner for men that we have rounded up;

Best Toner For Face And Skin

1. Anthony Astringent Toner Pads

best toner for menThe best toner for men review is being kicked off with the Anthony Astringent Toner Pads and this has all it takes to be found among the best as it comes in lesser mess and easy to use toner pads. Its pads are designed to be soft and plush while containing enough cleansing agents which can be used in wiping the skin and what this simply means is there is no longer need for having liquid on the hands anymore which might run off in the counter or in the kitchen sink.

This toner for men is considered to be powerful as it contains mint essential oils, Aloe and also witch hazel and all of these ingredients come together to ensure that the skin doesn’t dry out. They provide the body with required vitamins which helps the skin glow, protects the skin and keeps it fresh and clean. The Anthony Astringent Toner pads also helps in dealing with acne or oily skins as it reduces these conditions.

2. Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner

One trusted brand that has been in the business of making quality and reliable beauty products for men is the Baxter Of California company and this toner from the same brand is one that is capable of delivering an intensive and deep cleaning action through the use of key ingredients like peppermint oil, witch hazel and cucumber. This toner for men has the ability to deliver a very deep cleaning action and this might win the heart of many men.

It doesn’t make the skin feel tight or dry out the skin which ordinary toner for men normally do and looking closely at its ingredients, it is easy to tell that they are all natural ingredients therefore making this toner a good choice for men with hard to manage and difficult skin. No matter the type of skin that this toner is used on whether it is sensitive or oily, the Baxter of California toner for men claims to be a good addition to any skin cleaning kit.

For purifying and cleansing the skin and also for use of natural ingredients, the Baxter of California claims to be the answer.

3. Caffeine Exfoliating Face Wash for MEN

Here’s what this caffeine exfoliating face wash for men is all about; it comes with a quality exfoliating face scrub which will help in getting rid of oil, dirt and dead cells. Also it has caffeine added to the list of powerful ingredients used as the caffeine will also make the skin have a healthy and natural glow. Tightening and moisturizing the skin are also some benefits that this toner for men has to offer.

Furthermore, there is also salicylic acid in this toner for men and this compound is extremely powerful as it will also clear up acne from the skin and also make sure that the skin stays strong. For use on oily and sensitive skins, this toner for men claims to be a very good choice and in special acne breakout cases or just for everyday regular use, it proves to be a very good choice for all men.

It is also referred to as a three in one product sometimes because it has the properties of a toner, comes with a scrub and also cleanses deeply.

4. DTRT So Fine Toner 140ml For men

For men who have excess sebum, the DTRT so Fine Toner for men claims to be a good choice as it specializes more in oily skins and this is because it makes use of a natural pine resin which will greatly reduce the amount of oils that the skin produces but that isn’t all as it also makes sure that the pores on the skin are closed which is very important and healthy so as to prevent the entry and attack of irritants and dirt.

This same pine resin is also responsible for the earthy, natural and fantastic scent that this toner has and that is why this toner can also be used as an aftershave balm. The DTRT toner for men doesn’t make use of alcohols but it makes use of stearic acid and myristic acid which are powerful compounds that specializes in the elimination of bacteria and also prevention of skin infections.

For that exfoliating effect, this toner for men by DTRT makes use of a powerful charcoal powder which delivers a natural cleaning effect. This charcoal is in its neutral state so it will definitely not cause any harm to the skin. For all oily and irritated skins, the DTRT toner for men is definitely worth the try.

5. Geneva Clarifying Face Toner

The Geneva clarifying toner makes use of only and strictly natural ingredients such as edelweiss extract, tea tree oil, green tea and lavender extracts and here is something interesting about this toner for men; this toner is a very good product to make use of when dealing with harsh acne break outs on the skin or if you have an oily skin. This is because the ingredients that is used in its formulation helps in regaining natural skin balance.

The Geneva clarifying toner for men doesn’t have a floral scent but it comes with a fantastic scent entirely and after washing with this toner, the skin will feel so much better which is why this toner is often regarded to as rejuvenating and refreshing product. It doesn’t contain chemicals or alcohols that are capable of drying out the skin and no matter the skin type, whether it is sensitive or oily or there is a problem on the skin, this toner is ideal for use on it.

6. InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Toner

Skin care and Vitamin C go hand in hand and this is a known fact to everyone. The InstaNatural toner is one that contains Vitamin C but not just Vitamin C as it also contains tea tree oil and witch hazel. This skin toner for men comes with lots of health benefits and these benefits include making the skin look healthy, clean as well as clearing out the pores on the skin.

Unlike other skin toners for men that we have talked about, the InstaNatural toner is one that is slightly different because it has pH balancing and anti aging properties. For men that have oily faces, the InstaNatural toner is a good choice and it is also ideal if the skin is dealing with acne breakout. This toner from InstaNatural can also be trusted to close the pores on the skin so as to keep out irritants and dirt from entering them.

It also makes sure the skin looks healthy, young and prevent break outs of acne in the future.

7. Kerah Lane Pure Skin

This is another slightly different product from the ones that we have talked about and this toner targets faces that are oily or affected by acne. That isn’t all to know about this product but it also offers quick relief from pain caused by razor bumps and ingrown hairs which is why it is a preferred option for use after shaving. It isn’t just formulated to cleanse the face but it will also reduce the growth of ingrown hairs as well as making sure that hairs grow back.

It will soothe the skin and just like the other products that have been discussed earlier, this toner also contains invigorating and natural ingredients which makes it quite safe for use on every sensitive skin. The face would not be left feeling sticky after making use of this toner and there is this natural feeling and freshness that comes with making use of this toner. Gunk and dirt would not be able to get into skin pores as this toner closes pores so dirt cannot find their way back to the skin.

8. Neutrogena Oil- and Alcohol-Free Facial Toner

In some toners, there is a possibility that you will find alcohol present in their formulation and this is because alcohols can be trusted when it comes down to closing up and sterilizing the skin pores. But the burn that accompanies this alcohol tends to be unbearable and that is why the Neutrogena toner for men doesn’t make use of alcohols so as to prevent burning sensation, leaving the skin greasy and also drying out the skin.

However, the Neutrogena toner for men makes use of natural ingredients and mild purifiers which are tasked with helping the skin regain moisture and guess what, it will also clean our pores so the skin can glow perfectly well. This is a dermatologist approved toner and one that can be used on any type of skin whether it is a dry skin, a sensitive skin or an oily skin. For clearing out acne, closing up pores, soothing and refreshing the skin, the Neutrogena toner for men is a perfect choice.

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9. Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-In-1 Toner

The Neutrogena brand name is a very popular one when it comes to the beauty and skin care industry and this is because they have lots of high quality products that can be trusted in fighting against certain skin conditions like sun spots, acne and wrinkles so as to help the skin glow. Once again they have this two in one fight and fade toner for men which is formulated specially to target skin pores and rid them of irritants. It also makes sure that these skin pores are well tightened to make sure attacks by irritants and dirt do not happen in the nearest future.

However, this toner doesn’t contain natural products but manufactured products which helps with the skin cleansing process and if you are dealing with an uncooperative, oily and acne attacked skin then this toner from Neutrogena is a good option for use. It is very effective in fighting off acne because it contains salicylic acid and this acid also cleanse the pores to make sure that there are no more breakouts of acne in the future.

It acts gently on the skin which is why it is a good choice of product for use on any type of skin. This toner can be trusted to get rid of dark spots and leaves the skin feeling smooth and young.

10. Pure Rose Water Facial Toner

One good thing that comes with making use of this toner is the way it feels on the skin. It feels like one is having his or her bath right under a waterfall which leaves the skin feeling refreshed and eliminating every harsh feeling. It contains one hundred percent moroccan water which has a pleasant smell and what this toner is good at is flushing out deep rooted dirt and gunk in the pores of the skin. It method of action is by first opening up the pores to get rid of the irritants and dirt then tightening the pores up to prevent other irritants and dirt from going in.

What might seem like a very big concern about this toner is its scent. If you are not a fan of rosebush scent then there might be a little concern but in general, this is quite an effective product. No matter how sensitive the skin is or what type of skin it works on, this toner would be suitable for it as it natural and pure ingredients without the use of additional additives.

What this means is there are no preservatives, no chemicals or alcohols that will dry out the skin.

11. Pure Witch Hazel Toner for Face and Body

The witch hazel ingredient in this toner is responsible for the tight skin feeling one feels after making use of a toner and it is also very effective in closing up the pores on the skin so as to make sure that irritant and dirt do not attack the skin or the face anymore so as to prevent further breakouts. Despite making use of witch hazel, this toner also contains other minerals and vitamins which rejuvenates the skin, balances skin pH and also makes the skin feel good at all times. These vitamins are vitamins A and E which helps in maintaining optimal skin health.

If a skin is facing redness, this toner will help in reducing such skin’s redness and judging by reviews of other people who have used this toner, they described this toner as a refreshing, clean and nice product which doesn’t have a very strong smell. It might not be a totally good idea for people with sensitive skin because the strength of its witch hazel ingredient is quite much.

12. TreeActiv Balancing Herbal Toner

Judging from its name, the TreeActiv herbal toner is one that is made using natural ingredients so the face can get the attention that it deserves and these are the powerful ingredients that this toner for men contain; rose water, clary sage, tea tree oil and witch hazel. All of these ingredients play a very important role on the skin and let us look at the witch hazel for example. This ingredient is solely responsible for cleaning out pores and making sure that these pores are well tightened to make sure irritants an dirt do not attack it again.

What makes this product to stand out from many regular toners is the fact that it is a spray on toner and what this means is it doesn’t require pouring liquid on the hand but just spraying it directly on the skin then allow it to get dried by air. It makes sure that the pores on the skin are well cleaned and properly sealed to prevent attacks in the future.

13. Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner

If the skin or face is cleansed but yet a toner isn’t used then that cleansing routine can be described as an incomplete routine because a toner has the right kind of formulation that keeps the face refreshed and protected as well as making sure the skin pH is well balanced. This toner is one that contains about ninety seven percent of organic materials but no parabens or preservatives or additives and what this means is each time you make use of this toner, the skin is getting extra minerals and vitamins that will keep it looking and feeling healthy.

For oily skins, this toner is more beneficial as the ingredients in this toner helps greatly to control production of oil on the skin and lastly, this toner also cleanses skin pores just to get rid of dirt and seals the pores to make sure other external elements do not attack again.

14. The Ordinary Glycolic Toning Solution

This is a simple but effective toner which contains ingredients like glycolic acid and here’s something you should know about this toner; it is a good choice for men who don’t like making use of products with too much ingredients. If you are also concerned with making sure your skin’s pH is restored or you want to get rid of excess oil then this is just a preferred option for such skin.

Its formula is effective and straightforward but it however isn’t a good option for skins that are sensitive because the glycolic acid it contains will likely make the skin feel uncomfortable since it is in its concentrated form. It also cleanses pores and doesn’t contain fragrance.

15. Brickell Men’s Balancing Toner

The Brickell brand is also known for its reputation in the production of premium beauty products for men and also for their all natural formula and this balancing toner for men is one that has the right formulation suitable for various needs. One thing this toner is known for is its ability to eliminate bacteria from the skin, make sure clogged pores are cleared and also getting rid of excess oil and one more thing, if the skin feels dry then this toner helps in refreshing it.

For all types of skin, this toner will be suitable on them and here is one interesting aspect of this toner, it makes use of a cucumber distillate which helps in minimizing pores and soothing skins that are irritated. Parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals are ingredients that you would never find inside this toner.

How Often Should Toners Be Applied

It is very important that caution is taken when applying toner and this is because of the ingredients that is involved. Some might contain alcohol and that is why it is very necessary that toners shouldn’t be applied more than once in a couple of days. This is very useful because it makes sure that skin moisture barrier isn’t affected. Toners can be applied using either its liquid form or through pads but whichever process or option you choose to make use of, ensure that a product isn’t applied excessively on the skin.


Toners are very important because they carry out several tasks on the body. They help in exfoliating, getting rid of impurities, hydrating, cleansing and making sure the pH of the skin is balanced. We hope that after going through this review, you will be able to find the best toner that will be suitable for your skin.

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