Lack of time and money are two main reasons why we do not travel more often. Most people in the world wait for a vacation to go to a certain destination. However, picking the right destination is not as easy as we all think. As we said, the lack of money truly is the problem. We try to save money for months to have the best possible trip. Because of that, people invest a lot of effort to pick the best time for that type of activity. 

Well, Canada surely is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. If you plan to visit this beautiful country, there are certain things you should know. The first thing you should know is that a direct answer to this question does not exist. It depends on the requirements and expectations that you have. We will try to make things as clear as possible. 

Fall Months


We will start with pieces of advice that would be great for people that are looking for peace. If you do not want to get involved in the crowds, the best part of the year to come here is between September and November. More precisely, you should come during the fall months. In this period, the summer tourists went home and you will get all the necessary things for an affordable price. This includes everything from hotel rooms to ingredients you need every day. Indeed, Canada has cold winters, but fall months are decent and comfortable as well. You might not be able to wear T-Shirts, but you will feel pleasant when going for a walk. 

Still, this doesn’t mean you won’t have the chance to do something entertaining. During this period, there are a couple of festivals that you can visit. For instance, apple, wine, and pumpkin festivals are three of the most popular fall events. 

What about Summer Months?


Well, summer here is not warm compared to some other places. However, the weather is quite decent. Some people consider decent temperatures as a big advantage. You do not want to spend sweaty the entire trip. Indeed, if lack of money is a problem, this period is not going to be quite good for you. Prices usually jump because of the big numbers of tourists that come here. 

Still, it is surely the most entertaining part of the year. First of all, the clubs in this country are full. If you are a party maniac, you will have the opportunity to pick between a wide range of options. 

Despite that, the end of the spring and beginning of the summer has some amazing events. More precisely, there are 2 worldwide popular festivals you can visit in this period. The first one, Banff Summer Arts Festival, is organized in Alberta. Despite that, there is also a Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (Quebec). If you are a big fan of arts and music, you should consider June the best time to come here. Logically, be aware of the money that you might have to spend. 

Few Facts about Canadian Weather


Well, this is something that we simply have to highlight in this article. It might seem strange to you, but the weather is not the same in the entire Canda. We can use Vancouver and Montreal to make things a bit clearer. In Vancouver, the snow usually does not fall at all during the winter. Despite that, the winter as low as you might imagine. Things are different when we talk about Montreal. This place is too cold and this especially during December and January. Here you will get the chance to see some massive snowstorms during winter months. 

These pieces of information will probably help you organize your time better. Some people simply want to be out of their country because of low temperatures. If you want to find decent weather from December to March, visit Canada only during summer months. In case you can travel only during winter, go to Vancouver and you won’t have to deal with this “issue”. 

Ski Season in Canada


Well, many ski enthusiasts like to come to this place because of some amazing ski resorts. The ski season that might meet your expectations is during February. The second month of the year is also good for some other reasons. In this period, Festival du Voyageur celebrates Saint-Boniface’s French-Candian heritage. The festival itself lasts for 7 days and here you can many snow sculptures. Despite that, skating is one of the activities you can enjoy as well. 

If you tend to visit Quebec during February, it would be great to visit Quebec’s Winter Carnival. Believe it or not, the entire carnival lasts for 17 days. Most tourists can’t afford to be there for the entire time. However, if you can be 3 weeks out of town, we recommend you come here and celebrate snowy winter with locals. We guarantee you will have much fun and make some memorable moments. 

How Can I Get a Visa to Travel to Canada?


We will leave you to decide on the best time of year to visit Canada. However, whichever part of the year you choose, you need to take care of the VISA. The first thing you should know is that there are many types of VISAs you can get. However, the two that tourists most commonly use are – Temporary and Permanent. Logically, if you plan to come here for a couple of days, Temporary VISA is all you need. This document will allow you to stay in this country for a limited amount of time. Additionally, you should research which subcategories of temporary VISA exist.

Anyway, the entire process of applying for a VISA is not as tough as you think. We recommend you click here to get more information. There you will find detailed instructions on how to do that.

Final Thought

We mentioned Vancouver and Montreal as two destinations where you can go. However, they are not the only ones. It is recommendable that you visit Niagara Falls as well. This place is one of the most famous and beautiful natural wonders in North America. During wintertime, you will have the chance to enjoy a huge number of light displays along the Niagara River. There is also a Winter Festival of Lights that many tourists gladly visit. 

You do not have to limit your planning only on our suggestions. Explore carefully the destinations and do not forget the tips we gave you about the best time to come here.