Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are the ones that enable the crypto traders to interchange the digital currency they have for the one they want. It can also be used for changing it for the fiat currency when necessary, but not all of them offer the option. Concerning that the popularity of cryptocurrencies just keeps increasing, the number of crypto-trading platforms grows as well. It is important to say that not all trading platforms function in the same way, so it is truly necessary to do your research and find out everything you want to know before you start using one. We have made a guide that will help you learn more about the most popular platforms at the moment.

1. Bitfinex


This is a very popular platform for trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Monero, NEO, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, Ethereum, and many others. It is very popular among the traders because having the phone is sufficient for any user to start trading which makes things significantly easier. The interface is interactive which is great. There are demos that can help any user get familiar with the platform which can make things significantly easier.

What is great about this crypto exchange platform is that it helps the user get the best rate at that specific moment which will give you a sense of ease when you know that you will get the best value. There is also the option to scale the portfolio of the user, which significantly helps with attracting trade demanders.

2. Bitcoin Trader 2


This is the platform that is truly easy to use so you can start earning. It is an upgraded version of the Bitcoin Trader and it has truly changed the game for the better. The platform is very user-friendly which is truly important because that translates into very simple use. New users can sign up and start trading very quickly. The great thing about this platform is that it is using software that is more than 99% accurate which is truly astonishing and amazing. Besides, there are no fees that should be paid. Everything you manage to earn will stay yours. If you wish to find out more, check out

3. Kraken


This may be one of the best trading platforms for the people who are not very experienced with crypto trading. It can be a great tool for learning the basics and simply easing you into the crypto world. However, the experienced traders won’t be disappointed either. Your portfolio will be well visible, which is also important for every trader. In addition, the second significant aspect is that the platform offers the necessary security and it has numerous measures taken to ensure that the fraudulent activities are prevented.

4. Bittrex


This trading platform deserves to be on our list because it is one of the cryptocurrency platforms that offer the greatest accuracy. It helps the user make the transaction in the shortest period possible while keeping the security on the greatest level. It uses innovative technologies in order to change the way that the transactions are done. It is pretty complex, which may intimidate some users, but you should know that you invest the time to find out more, it will be truly worth it.

There are almost all the altcoins. In order to trade on this platform, you need Tether, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. Sign up and create an account. Your account will be verified and then you will be able to trade. However, it is important to mention that the US users are blocked for trading 32 currencies, so make sure you check everything about that if you live in the US.

5. Poloniex


This is a crypto trading platform that is growing pretty fast. It is very popular among investors and traders. It is driven towards making cryptocurrencies even more popular in the world of finances. One of the reasons that the users like it is that the fees are pretty good and the fees go even lower when you start trading with bigger amounts. Considering that it exists for six years already, it showed all the crypto traders that it is truly deserving of the trust that is given to it. The users can use the platform on many devices. It is very safe to use. The platform is very user friendly since it is very easy to navigate through it and understand it better.

There are more than 200 cryptocurrencies available, which is truly admirable. The trading orders that are available are Stop limit order, Sell Order, and Buy order. You can execute any of these orders while trading Tether, Monero, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. This platform is unique for giving traders a lending option. This cannot be seen on any other platform and it is truly worth mentioning. You should know that you cannot make a deposit by using fiat currency. The only ones allowed are cryptocurrencies. You can choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, and Monero, but there are also numerous altcoins available.

These were the most popular platforms that you can choose from and simply dive into trading. Each of these platforms has something unique about them that gives the user what they want and search for in an exchange platform. However, before deciding about anything you need to check the possible restrictions concerning the geographical location, transaction fees, anonymity, security, support, liquidity, and volume.

These factors will help you make the best decision because if you choose well, you increase your chances of success. Make sure you read the reviews and all the info that may be important to you so you can set things straight and start working on your trading career. The more you know about the crypto exchange platform, the easier it will be for you to navigate through the process and start making success. In the end, it is just important to remember that knowledge is power, so make sure you stay informed about all the news from the crypto world.

6. Paybis


This trading platform deserves to be on our list because it is built to solve the most common problems users face with popular exchanges. The platform attained massive popularity in the past few years, offering a large number of payment methods and making the process of buying crypto easier than ever before.

What we like most about Paybis is their constant effort to improve the customer experience. The exchange is responsive, focuses on fast transactions, and helps users verify their ID in an efficient manner. Overall, we could say that Paybis is the best option for both beginners and experienced investors, who prefer simplicity and value safety.


  • A large number of payment methods including e-money wallets

  • Users can purchase the most popular cryptocurrencies

  • The first transaction with a credit/debit card has no fees

  • No exchange wallets – crypto is sent directly to your personal wallet

  • 5-minute verification process without complicated steps

  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer support – available 24/7

  • Compliant with EU and USA regulations

  • Very fast transactions


  • Paybis is not built with traders in mind. As such, it does not offer trading options seen on other platforms (leverage, margin, futures, etc.)

  • Certain payment methods have higher fees compared to other exchanges in this list

  • The number of available coins may seem limited for more experienced investors